Press Release: Dow Holds Annual Shareholder Meeting, ICJB Protests

Dow Chemical Holds Annual General Meeting for Shareholders

Gas disaster victims continue to suffer 30 years after Dow subsidiary Union Carbide leaked deadly gases 
on December 3, 1984

According to MarketWatch, the Dow Chemical Company posted $1.05 billion in first quarter profits in 2014, up from $635 million a year ago. Shareholders and the public should know that this profit was made from destructive and polluting industry, including that of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Union Carbide.

“30 years later and multiple generations coping with ill health and genetic defects, and Dow Chemical Company still refuses to accept the liability it inherited when it purchased Union Carbide,” said Valerie Costa of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal – North America. “As Dow continues to reap profits from its worldwide operations, their shareholders and the public need to know this company derives its profit from products that literally kill.”

As Dow Chemical shareholders meet and laud their profits, Bhopal gas disaster survivors continue to struggle to meet their basic needs, and are leaders in the global fight for environmental justice and corporate accountability. “No corporation should get away with destroying the land and livelihoods of people. Yet Dow Chemical and countless other corporations continue to do this” continued Costa.

About the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal – North America: We are the North American branch of an international solidarity network that was set up to address the grave injustices suffered by half a million Bhopalis. Using education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action, ICJB-NA works to hold Dow Chemical & the Indian Government accountable for the ongoing disaster in Bhopal.


Reena Shadaan, email

Community Relations Coordinator
International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal – North America


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