Rail Roko (Stop the trains) December 3, 2011

Enquiries and updates: justiceinbhopal@yahoo.co.in

We are stopping trains to:

1. Get adequate compensation from Union Carbide Corporation and The Dow Chemical Company.

2. What we have got is too little and it has not had any deterrent impact on the corporation.

3. This is because the government sold us out in 1989 and let the corporation walk away.

4. Last year the government promised to make amends for its betrayal in 1989 by filing a Curative Petition.

5. The Curative Petition massively downplays the number of deaths and the severity of injuries – even though the government’s own figures show the true picture – and demonstrates that the government is keener to protect the interests of the American corporations than those of the victims.

6. The government is going against its own data to let the corporations get away once again with paying a pittance.

7. We have been trying to talk to the government about this issue for a year without any resolution.

8. We have tried other forms of popular protest but they have not moved the government enough.

9. That is why we are forced to take this step.

10. We hope you sympathise with our demand and appreciate that justice in Bhopal is a step towards toxic free future for all of us. You may not be a Bhopali survivor but you too have corporate toxins in your body. In that sense this is our common battle.

Enquiries and updates: justiceinbhopal@yahoo.co.in

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