Campaign Resources

Everything you need to plan and implement a successful campaign or event for justice in Bhopal!

Use these resources along with our Skills & Resources Toolbox.

  1. Fact Sheets
  2. Events & Media Planning
  3. Teaching About Bhopal
  4. Examples – Resolutions and Letters Against Dow
  5. Posters & Logos

1. Fact Sheets

ICJB has a variety of fact sheets available – use the one you think is best for your event.

Also check out  our fact sheet posters below.

2. Bhopal Events & Media Planning

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3. Teaching About Bhopal

4. Examples of Resolutions and Letters

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5. Posters & Logos

Click on image for large file size

  • JPEGs: Posters – Paul Phare’s amazing Masks series documenting the many atrocities of Dow Chemical – highly recommended –
  • JPEGs: Posters – “The Human Element” series, a response to Dow’s own “The Human Element” advertisement series

  • JPEGs: Fact Sheet Posters – “The Double Standards of Dirty Dow” series, highlights the unethical behavior of Dow Chemical
  • JPEGs: Miscellaneous posters
  • JPEGs: Logos & Anti-Dow Images

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