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Feature Films

Bhopal Express (1999)

bhopal-express film“From producer Deepak Nayer (Buena Vista Social Club, Lost Highway) comes this powerful drama about a newlywed couple whose lives are changed during the lethal gas tragedy in Bhopal, India in 1984.” – IMDB


Where Do The Children Play (2019)

Based on the 2008 padyatra

Bhopali (2011)

Film by Max Carlson. Watch it here:

Bhopali is an award-winning, feature-length documentary that details the experience of second Bhopal gas disaster and the subsequent contamination of groundwater by Union Carbide Corporation. It follows several children as they and their families cope with the ongoing disaster. Set against the backdrop of vehement protests for the 25th anniversary of the disaster, the Bhopalis continue to fight for justice, proving to be anything but victims.

Official Trailer

One Night in Bhopal (2004)

BBC Production. Running Time: 54 minutes. Watch the entire film for free via Youtube.

By mixing drama, documentary, graphics and archive material, One Night in Bhopal gives extraordinary insight into the world’s worst industrial disaster.

Through the testimony of key witnesses, this documentary reveals the events as they unfolded and how Union Carbide responded to the crisis.

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Twenty Years Without Justice (2004)

Film by Sandford Lewis. Running Time: 17 minutes. Watch the entire film for free via Youtube.

“Twenty Years Without Justice” explores the disaster’s causes, consequences and the campaign for justice. The film includes interviews with survivors, the lawyer behind the historic US lawsuit against Carbide, and a former engineer from the now-abandoned factory.

An excellent documentary and campaign video, ideal for classroom presentations, conferences, and other educational events!

Seconds From Disaster – Bhopal Nightmare

By National Geographic

Litigating Disaster (2004)

Film by Ilan Ziv. Running Time: 52 minutes.

“This powerful film explores how Union Carbide successfully manipulated both the US and the Indian legal systems against each other, to avoid having to defend its record in the Bhopal plant in court. Featuring, a young Indian-American lawyer, the film follows the case he brought on behalf of the victims in front of the Federal District Court in New York. Constructed as Sharma’s case would be presented to a jury, the film presents the compelling evidence assembled against Union Carbide, including never-before-seen documents, exclusive interviews with former Union Carbide officers, powerful archival material, and scenes filmed in and out of the abandoned plant. As the story unfolds, the film makes it clear the real culprit is the lack of any international law or tribunal to govern the activities of multinational corporations.” – Official Film Description

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Bhopal: Search for Justice (2004)

White Pine Pictures. Running Time: 54 minutes. Trailer Available Via YouTube.


A Healing Garden Grows in Bhopal, by Healthcare Without Harm (10:21)

The Yes Men (2004) & The Yes Men Fix the World (2009)

Films by the Yes Men. Trailers Available Via YouTube.

Documentaries by the infamous corporate pranksters, the Yes Men. Featuring their infamous Bhopal prank, and a visit to Bhopal to meet with the survivors/activists that lead the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal.

Hush Baby (2008)

By Himali Kapil and Umang Bhattacharya.

A short film, produced around the 15th anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster, describing the spate of birth defects in those born to disaster survivors and the survivors fight for justice.

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Secrets and Lies (2007)

Produced, written, directed by Stavros Stagos. Running time: 79 minutes.

Greek documentary that explores how the Union Carbide chemical disaster of 1984 continues to affect people today. Passionate feelings of indignation, not least from the pic’s experienced documaker Stavros Stagos, shine through. Won a prize at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival.

Witnesses in the pic’s first half report how a trail of negligence and mismanagement led to the deadly gas leak. The rest details how Bhopal’s current residents are still being poisoned by contamination never properly cleaned up, and how the U.S. and Indian governments have colluded in the coverup. Subversive use of archival footage, such as old commercials for Union Carbide products, adds zing to an adequate tech package. – VARIETY

Camera (color, DV) Stelios Apostopoulos; editor, Stathis Avgoustatos; music, Marios Strofalis. Original title: Mystika kai psemata. English, Hindi, Urdu dialogue.

Chemical Valley – Part I & II (1991)

Films by Mimi Pickering & Anne Lewis. Combined Running Time: 58 minutes. Watch the films for free via Vimeo.

Part I includes rare footage of Bhopal in the hours and days after the disaster.

“Chemical Valley begins with Bhopal and the immediate response in the Kanawha Valley, an area once dubbed by residents “the chemical capital of the world” because of the many plants operated by such industrial giants as Monsanto, DuPont, FMC, and Union Carbide. The program then follows events in the valley over the next five years as lines are drawn and all sides heard in the debate between those who fear for their livelihood and those who fear for their lives. Chemical Valley explores issues of job blackmail, racism, and citizens’ right to know and to act as it documents one community’s struggle to make accountable an industry that has all too often forced communities to choose between safety and jobs.” – Official Video Description

Has Union Carbide Ever Been Found Accountable For Bhopal? (2003)

Also known as “Hunting the Corporate Killers” by Amos Cohen


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News Clips

BBC News Coverage of the Disaster

Footage from the day after the disaster – Dec. 3, 1984 (1m58s)

Assignment: Bhopal – An Enduring Tragedy (2009)

BBC News Radio audio report on the Bhopal disaster and its aftermath. Aired December 3, 2009. (58m 19s)

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Campaign Videos

The Justice Element (2012)

ICJB produced this spoof on Dow’s The Human Element commercial campaign. Available on Youtube. (3m40s)

Bhopal: The Human Element (1:29)

Video uses the actual voice-over from a Dow Chemical commercial, from their Human Element advertising campaign. But the original visuals have been replaced with pictures from the Bhopal disaster and Dow’s other misdeeds, illustrating the utter hypocrisy and cruelty of Dow.

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Music Videos

Flames Not Flowers (Rap) 2006

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