ICJB has thousands of photos that span the entire history of the Bhopal disaster, taken by professional photographers, supporters and members of ICJB.

  1. ICJB Collection
  2. Photographer’s Collections
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1. ICJB Collection

Union Carbide Factory in Bhopal

Immediately After the Disaster

ICJB Events in India

ICJB Events in North America

2. Photographer’s Collections

ICJB does not own the rights to these photos, although the photographers have given permission for us to post their photos. If you would like to use their photographs, please contact the photographer directly.

1. Raghu Rai

2. Maude Dorr

3. Pablo Bartholomew

4. Micha Patault

5. Giles Clark

6. Jack Laurenson

7. Mickey-Z

8. Sanjay Verma

9. Andy Moxon

10. Dan Sinha

11. Andy Spyra

12. Christian Saltas

13. Prakash Hatvalne


1. Raghu Rai is one of India’s greatest photographers and an associate of the world-renowned Magnum Group. His famous images of India are usually optimistic and show a deep insight into the spirtual life of the sub-continent. When he arrived in Bhopal on the morning after the Union Carbide gas leak, Raghu Rai saw pessimism, pain and despair. He immediately began to document the horror and captured, without sentiment, a community in trauma. On returning to Delhi, Raghu Rai released his now-famous photograph “Burial of an unknown child” which sent shock waves around the world. Also see Rai’s book “Exposure: Portrait Of A Corporate Crime”

Description of  Raghu Rai’s Bhopal Collection (PDF)


2. Maude Dorr is a stalwart of the worldwide campaign for justice, traveling ceaselessly around the world, taking pictures of things that matter. In another life, Maude was personal photographer to L Ron Hubbard, but later was deemed to be a subversive and black-listed.

Maude Dorr

She has spent much of each year living in Bhopal and photographing the work of the ICJB and has recorded two long walks to Delhi, in 2006 and 2008.

Pablo Bartholomew

3. Pablo Bartholomew is an independent photographer based in New Delhi, India. His works have been published in the New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Business Week, National Geographic and Geo amongst other prestigious magazines and journals.


4. Micha Patault is a socially engaged photographer whose work communicates important international causes. Since 2005, he has made around ten trips to Bhopal where he worked with ICJB. The result is a beautiful book, NO MORE BHOPALS, which seeks to make palpable the tragedy of Bhopal and to portray the real consequences of the disaster, as well as the struggles for justice and dignity.

 5. Giles Clark

6. Jack Laurenson

7. Mickey-Z

8. Sanjay Verma is a survivor of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster and a leading activist in ICJB.

9. Andy Moxon is a photographer who is concerned with social subjects.

Andy Moxon
Dan Sinha

10. Dan Sinha is a product designer based in the UK. In 2003 he visited Bhopal as a student and took a series of photographs recording the disastrous way the factory has been abandoned, and the state of the site around the 20th anniversary. Drops of mercury lie on the soil underneath the alpha-napthol unit, toxic tars ooze into the ground from a pile of what looks like brown rocks, tumbled from a rotting tank. Actually carbaryl, they would have released MIC, methyl-isocyanate, the killer gas of 1984, had they caught light. The gas vent scrubber stack is still blackened from the heat of the gases that had flown up it to kill a city twenty years before this picture was taken.

Andy Spyra
Andy Spyra

11. Andy Spyra, born 1984 in Hagen, Germany, is a freelance photographer. Andy’s 2007 visit to Bhopal produced a harrowing yet tenderly observed record of life in a chemical nightmare. The people of Nawab Colony despite their suffering retain their good humour. The pictures were shot in a week at the end of January and beginning of February. For more information, please contact Andy at Or +49 177 7281 766.

12. Christian Saltas is a professional photographer working out of Stockholm, but his work can be seen in publications from all over the world. He worked with Dr Ingrid Eckerman on her book The Bhopal Saga, visiting Bhopal and taking some striking photographs.

13. Prakash Hatvalne

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