Scottish Trade Union Solidarity With Bhopal

We are a Scottish Trade Union delegation who have come to Bhopal to join the people of Bhopal in marking the 30th year of your campaigns for justice, clean water and good health care. Our being here has grown from a history of Scottish people working in Bhopal and raising funds to support clinics and campaigns, and Bhopal survivors visiting Scotland on a number of occasions. It started with expressions of solidarity from Scottish Trade Union Congress disabled worker and black worker representatives. Scottish trade unions have a long history of international solidarity. We are here because Bhopal remains the worst industrial disaster of our time, but even more because the commitment, strength and endurance of the people of Bhopal provide inspiration to all of us to continue our struggles for safe workplaces and clean environments in Scotland and throughout the world. Between the 10 delegates, we represent 6 unions: Community, Communication Workers Union, University Colleges, National union of Journalists, Unison (Public Sector), Unite. We also represent: Bhopal Medical Appeal, Edinburgh Trade Union Council, European Work Hazards Network, Scottish Friends of Bhopal, Scottish Trade Union Congress, Scottish Hazards Campaign.

Click here for official statement in English and Hindi.

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