Scottish Trades Unions’ Solidarity with Bhopal

2 December 2014

A delegation of Scottish Trade Unioni activists addressed a rally today in Bhopal support of the survivors’ 30 years of campaigns for justice. The delegation is in response to a visit by survivors to Scotland and a motion of solidarity from the Scottish Trade Union Congress disabled workers’ conference.

Kathy Jenkins from the Scottish Hazards Campaign said “We are here because Bhopal remains the worst industrial disaster of our time, but even more because the commitment, strength and endurance of the people of Bhopal provide inspiration to all of us to continue our struggles for safe workplaces and clean environments in Scotland and throughout the world.”

Trade unions raised concerns about safety years before the disaster happened and have also played a central role in the survivors’ struggle for justice.

After the disaster, Union Carbide blamed the disaster on the workers. As trade unionists we are used to employers blaming the workers when they are cutting corners.

Eurig Scandrett from University and College Union said “We bring messages of solidarity with the survivors and their demands from the cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Falkirk and from Leicester and District Trade Union Committee. There are community events occurring in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Durham, Avonmouth and London and many other places. The people of Scotland and across the UK will not forget Bhopal and will continue to offer our solidarity.”

This delegation is being supported by a motion in the Scottish Parliamentii in which our politicians are being invited to sign up to express their support for the people of Bhopal. The motion expresses solidarity and most importantly it also names the culprit – Dow – which is the successor to Union Carbide and liable for the disaster and must face justice.


i The trade unions represented in the delegation are Unison (public sector workers); Community (industrial workers); Unite (general workers); Communication Workers Union; National Union of Journalists; University and College Union as well as Scottish Trades Union Congress, Edinburgh Trade Union Council and the Hazards campaign.

ii Motion number S4M – 11762 from Bill Kidd MSP

Contact for Rachna Dhingra International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal 09826167369


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