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The Bhopal Gas Tragedy – just an accident?

Original post: https://www.bhopal.net/old_bhopal_net/gasfacts.html

1. A History of Massacre….
* Union Carbide started out as a carbon company in 1886 and diversified to gases and chemicals during World War I.
* From the Manhattan project of World War II, until it relinquished its contract in 1984, Union Carbide was a contractor to the US federal government’s nuclear weapons production.
* Before Bhopal, Union Carbide Corporation caused the largest industrial disaster in the US. In the construction of the Hawk’s Nest Tunnel in West Virginia in 1934
nearly 2000 company workers, most of them black, died of Silicosis – an occupational disease caused by hazardous working conditions.
* At the Cimanggis plant in Indonesia at one point in 1978, 402 employees (more than half the work force of 750), were suffering from kidney diseases attributable to workplace contamination according to the company’s doctor Dr.Maizar Syafei. She was asked by the company not to tell the workers that there was mercury in their drinking water or else the workers “would become anxious.”
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