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Bhopal Survivors Appeal to the World to Help End the Disaster

Press Statement

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December 3, 2014

At the rally organized of the 30th Anniversary of the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal, five organizations of survivors made an appeal to people all over the world to put pressure on responsible parties to end the disasters in their fourth decade. They asked supporters to help make Union Carbide, USA and its 100 % owner Dow Chemical acknowledge their roles in the continuing human suffering in Bhopal and make amends so that a realistic goal of ending the disaster by 2024 can be achieved.

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Obama burns in Bhopal


When Barack Obama was running for President he promised that if he won the White House, corporate lobbying, backroom deals, shielding corporate criminals – these would be things of the corrupt and unjust past. We in Bhopal hoped for his election, we wished fervently for it, we rejoiced when he won. But now that Obama is President, far from calling powerful corporations to account, he is encouraging and promoting them.

obama detail
Obama, propping up Dow

India’s Ministry of Law has held Dow Chemical liable for cleaning up the contamination caused by its subsidiary Union Carbide in Bhopal. But as Bhopal’s medical holocaust entered its 26th year, Obama chose Dow’s CEO Liveris to advise him on corporate matters.

For eighteen years, the criminal case against Union Carbide’s American and Indian managers was hamstrung by the refusal of the American defendants to appear in court and the refusal of the US government to extradite them. In June 2010, a verdict was finally reached. Against the Indians. The charges against the Americans remain unanswered, but Obama’s spokesman ignored this and declared the Bhopal matter closed.

When public outrage forced Obama to kick BP’s arse for polluting the Gulf, he said that a foreign corporation could not expect to get away with commiting environmental crimes in America. But it’s evidently okay for an American corporation to kill more than 20,000 citizens of a foreign country, injure half a million more, and for 26 years poison the soil and water of some of the poorest people on earth.

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A poem for Obama

B ehold, our people drink up the filthy water
H ungry and ill, we breathe deep the killing air
O ur guts and lungs churn with bitter chemistry,
P oison and pain we lock inside our bodies,
A massing these toxic treasures, we let no-one else share them:
L aw, politics, justice, these are the names of our diseases.


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Obama, the hope that failed

6 November, 2010. BHOPAL — About 100 survivors of Bhopal gas disaster and those affected by ground water contamination caused by Union Carbide’s hazardous waste staged a demonstration outside the Union Carbide Factory in Bhopal demanding that President Obama meet with them in Delhi to ensure that Union Carbide & Dow Chemical obey Indian laws and abide by decisions of Indian Courts. A large delegation of Bhopal survivors and water affected people will travel to New Delhi tomorrow to stage a demonstration against Obama’s business only visit.

Survivors shouted slogans stating “No Justice; No business for US Corporations” (Bhopal Mein Insaaf Nahi to Ameerki Vyapar nahi) and held posters like IS BHO A PAL OF BHOPAL. BHO symbolizes Barrack Hussein Obama. They also held posters calling to an end of Double Standards, referring to Obama’s decisive action against BP-Amoco for its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico even while remaining silent on Dow-Carbide’s Bhopal legacy.

This demonstration was yet another reminder to President Obama that he needs to address the demand of Bhopal gas survivors when he is in Delhi on 8 November as survivors will also be present in Delhi for a day long dharna.

Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Stationery Karamchari Sangh
Bhopal Gas Peedit Nirashrit Pension Bhogi Sangarsh Morcha
Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Purush Sangharsh Morcha
Children Against Dow-Carbide
Bhopal Group for Information & Action

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Urgent action: Obama Administration Official recently reveals U.S. government’s double standard on corporate accountability for victims of the Bhopal Gas Disaster.


Please support justice for Bhopal and make a quick call to the White House!

With the world focused on corporate accountability in the wake of BP’s Gulf Oil Spill, a leaked email from the Obama administration shows that it values profit over people, when the profit benefits American corporations. On Aug 18, Mumbai-based Times Now published an email chain between White House Deputy National Security Advisor Michael Froman, and Indian Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia. Froman’s email said:

“We are hearing a lot of noise about the Dow Chemical issue. I trust that you are monitoring it carefully. I am not familiar with all the details, but I think we want to avoid developments which put a chilling effect on our investment relationship.”

Froman’s email essentially told the Indian government to protect Dow from its Bhopal liabilities, while people in Bhopal continue to suffer from the industrial pollutants that have killed 25,000 and have not been adequately cleaned up.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Call the White House and tell Obama to support justice for Bhopal!
Call the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414, ask for Michael Froman’s office and tell them:

* You are angered that Michael Froman is telling the Indian Government to protect Dow from its Bhopal liabilities.
* Obama must take a strong stand on Bhopal to show that corporate accountability is universal. He needs to ensure that Dow is held accountable for the suffering in Bhopal to the same level as BP has been held accountable in the Gulf.
* Bhopalis have suffered for over 25 years because of Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiary Union Carbide. 25,000 people have died while Dow refuses to clean up the site and to send Union Carbide to face criminal charges. Obama should ensure that Dow cooperates with the Indian government and courts.

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