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Press on Students for Bhopal in Boston/Cambridge, 2006-2009

Press Releases:

Cambridge Council Dumps Dow Chemical, Cites Bhopal (09/26/06)

Boston Coalition for Bhopal ‘Dies-in’ Copley Sq. (05/08/06)


Group raises money for Bhopal survivors at MIT (Cambridge Chronicle, 09/23/09)

Protesters target owner of Taj Boston (Boston Globe, 04/08/07)

City to mull dumping Dow (Cambridge Chronicle, 10/05/06)

Activists celebrate victory at City Hall (Cambridge Chronicle, 09/28/06)

Protesters target Dow, stage ‘die-in’ at Copley (Boston Herald, 05/07/06)

Letters to the Editor:

Dump Dow because of Bhopal disaster (09/21/06)

Bhopal – forgotten? (08/26/06)

Peace at home and abroad (08/11/06)

On TV:

Bhopal, 22 years later (CCTV, 10/16/06)

Cambridge City Council passes Bhopal resolutions (CCTV, 10/16/06)

Cambridge for Bhopal (CCTV, 08/14/06)

On the Radio:

Interview with AID-Boston volunteer Sudarshan Vasudevan about the “Blue Planet Run” (WMBR MIT Campus Radio, 06/13/07)

The entire program can be accessed at WMBR’s archive at: http://www.wmbr.org/www/sched-wed under the program titled “What’s Left”.

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