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NDTV Coverage of Bhopal Disaster 2009-2012

In 2009 and 2012 NDTV aired multiple video segments related to the Bhopal disaster and ICJB. Below is a list of all known segments, available to stream via NDTV.com. Also included is one segment on industrial pollution in South India (Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu).

Video : Bhopal gas tragedy: 27 years onVideo : Bhopal gas leak case: Director liable?Video : WikiLeaks emails allegedly show Dow spied on Bhopal activistsVideo : Dow row: Activist invites London Mayor, Olympic head for a drink of Bhopal waterVideo : Have we learnt our lessons from Bhopal disaster?Video : जीओएम के सुझाव मंजूरVideo : Bhopal: The endless wait for compensationVideo : How did Anderson walk away?Video : Did Union Carbide ignore warnings?




Video : More than 25 years later, Bhopal still drinking poisoned waterVideo : Anderson was not a priority on Dec 7: Arun NehruVideo : Anderson release: Arjun's decision?Video : Bhopal disaster could have been avertedVideo : Bhopal disaster: The ignored warningsVideo : 26 years after Bhopal gas tragedyVideo : Bhopal: Questions over political culpabilityVideo : Bhopal verdict raises issue of corporate ethicsVideo : Bhopal: 2 Years for 20,000 LivesVideo : Bhopal gas tragedy: Bail granted to all accusedVideo : Bhopal: Politics over tragedyVideo : Tamil Nadu's Cuddalore industrial belt facing safety hazards

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