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Thank You to Our Indiegogo Donors!

Thank you to the 70 people who donated to the Indiegogo campaign to raise money to finish upgrading Bhopal.net!

Your support has ensured that Bhopal.net will be ready for the 30th anniversary in December as well as continue to be the go-to site for information on the disaster and our relentless campaign for justice.


Special thanks to:

Anonymous donors (many!) – Aaron Tovo – Alec – Alka Roy – Arvind Rajagopal – Brandon Lanich – Brian Crumrine – Brian Mooney – Bridget C Hanna – Bryan and Kelsee Lanich – Caitlin Corbett – Carolyn Oppenheim – Cathy Perlmutter – Douglas Hanna – Dr. Bhagat – Ellen Shifrin – Emily Canning – Fred Blouin – Heather Pipino – Hilary Jules – James Galbraith – Jesse Colman-McGill – Jon Chessum – Karen and Dave Costa – Kate Turpin – Kristen Smith – Lauren Corman – Leonid Chindelevitch – Maria Stalford – Neil Maybin – Prem – Raghav Kaushik and Priya Raghav – Rajyashree Reddy – Sandhya Banda -S + H Construction – Stephan Shaw and Sunita Viswanath – Suma Mondal – Suzanne Curry – Tim Mattson and Carmela Cirilli Mattson -Tony Millard – Valerie Costa – Vanessa Freeman – Vicky Cann – Yogesh Simmhan

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