Take Action!

Start Here to Make a Difference!

1. Do a Two-Minute Action

2. Stay In-Touch

3. Do More!


1. Do a Two-Minute Action

  • Tell Your Friends: Share our Video, The Justice Element, a spoof on Dow’s The Human Element, that gives a brief background on the Bhopal Gas Disaster.


  • Donate: Make a tax deduct-able donation to the Campaign.

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 2. Stay In-Touch

  • Connect with ICJB:  Introduce yourself and we’ll connect you with Bhopal activists near you.

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3. Do More!

  • Volunteer in Bhopal: There are also volunteer opportunities at the Sambhavna Trust Clinic in Bhopal, which serves only survivors of the Bhopal Disaster. The Clinic is maintained by the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

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