Skills & Resources Toolbox

Skills Toolbox

This complete guide will help you start an ICJB chapter and plan your own actions!

1. How to Build Your ICJB Chapter

Learn how to start your own ICJB chapter, attract more members, and connect with similar-minded groups.

2. How to Plan Your Campaign

Learn how to create an action plan for your chapter and meet group goals.

3. How to Attract Media Coverage

Media coverage is one of the most important aspects of a successful campaign. Learn how to attract the press and educate your group on how to speak with the media.

4. How to Fundraise for Bhopal

ICJB and our local chapters rely on fundraisers to keep going. It helps us cover costs related to actions, campaign resources, website upkeep, and other vital activities. Learn about the many fun and creative actions you can do to raise funds for the campaign and the survivors of Bhopal.

Resources Toolbox

All the resources you’ll need to conduct a successful campaign and reach out to your community

1. List of Action Ideas

A list of ICJB-recommended actions that will help you educate the public, gain new group members, garner media attention, and hold Dow Chemical accountable for their actions!

2. Campaign Resources

Includes: printable posters and photos, fact sheets, outreach tools, media packet information

We would love to support you as you empower your community to make a difference for Bhopal, so please be in touch. If you have any questions, contact us.


Acknowledgments & Sources

Much of our Skills Box is a compilation, with parts taken from other groups. We would like to thank the Campus Greens, SEAC, Rainforest Action Network, ACLU, Youth Action Network, USAS, Spin Project, Ruckus Society, and Real Food Challenge for their guides and input.

You can also consult the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict and Organizing for Power, Organizing for Change, both of which have a variety of resources related to building and maintaining successful non-violent movements.

Moreover, the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict offers People Power: The Game of Civil Resistance, which is an online game and learning tool to further your understanding of how to successfully build nonviolent resistance movements.

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