US DoJ Call in Action – Ask the DoJ to Serve the Summon

This is for supporters based in the US, This should take no more than ten minutes of your time!

You can either use the following script, or address your own statements or questions to the Deputy AG. We would be thrilled to hear how you get on!

Step 1 – Call the following phone number at the US Department of Justice

Call: (202) 514-2101
Who: Deputy Attorney General Lisa O Monaco,
When: Between 10am and 5pm EST on September 20, 21 or 22, 2023

Step 2 – Use the following script on call (you may read this a few times before making the call)

They might say: “Hello, this is Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco’s office, how may I help you?” 

You say: Hi, my name is ____ and I am calling from _____. I would like to speak to the Deputy Attorney General  regarding the recent letter sent by Representative Rashida Tlaib about serving Dow Inc the summon from the Government of India.

They might say: “Please hold while I connect you to the Office of Legislative Affairs”

Under the terms of a bilateral treaty signed by both countries, India has seven times requested the DoJ to serve a summon on US corporation Dow Inc. Until now, the DoJ has ignored or obstructed every request. The summons has been issued by a criminal court in the city of Bhopal in India, in which the worst industrial disaster in history occurred. Dow Inc subsidiary Union Carbide is charged with criminal responsibility for the thousands of deaths in India. Almost 40 years later the criminal charges against Union Carbide remain pending because neither Carbide nor Dow will show up in court and submit to the law.

The letter from Rep. Tlaib has been endorsed by a dozen US Congressmembers. As a US citizen who believes that the US must honor its commitments under international law, who believes that the law should be blind to wealth and status, and who believes that the victims and survivors of the Bhopal gas disaster are as deserving of justice as any other, I urge you to fulfil your legal obligations with India and serve the pending summons upon Dow Inc.

Step 3 – Fill the form below to inform us about your call

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