The LowDOWn – August 2013

The Bhopal LowDOWn – August  2013

Brought to you by the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, North America

In this issue:

1. Upcoming Screening Tour of the Documentary Bhopali

2. Opportunities to Donate to the Campaign

3. Hot Off the Press!

4. On the Ground

5. Take Action

1. Screening Tour of Documentary Bhopali

This Fall, Van Maximilian Carlson’s critically acclaimed documentary Bhopali will be screened throughout the US & Canada in a city near you!  Please join us!  Sanjay Verma, survivor-activist, whose story of profound loss & hope is told in the film, will be present. He is traveling all the way from India to be at each screening to share his perspective and to answer questions. 

The tour will take place October – November 2013. There will be stops in: New York City NY, Buffalo NY, Toronto ON, Montreal QC, Chapel Hill NC, Yellow Springs OH, Boston MA, Iowa City IA, Chicago IL, Lafayette LA, Baton Rouge or New Orleans LA, Austin TX, Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA, Seattle WA and Vancouver BC.  

Up to date information about the tour and campaign will be posted on our Facebook Page. If you live near any of these cities, please come out and support the screening! If you or your organization would like to help in some capacity (co-sponsoring, fundraising, connecting us with local groups, etc.) we would love to hear from you. Please email us at 

2. Opportunities to Donate

December 3, 2014, will mark the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster. We at ICJB are planning various events over the next sixteen months that will bring communities throughout North America together to learn about Bhopal, build solidarity with Survivors, and witness the approach of this somber date. The screening tour mentioned above will kick off this 16 month approach, and we need your support.

There are two upcoming opportunities for you to contribute, and we are grateful for whatever you can offer to the campaign!

  • Firstby snail mail in the next few weeks, many of you will receive an Appeal Letter written by activist/volunteer Wendy Crumrine, providing a campaign update and asking for support, so please keep a lookout! The mailing is also available online here. If you would like to receive future Donor Mailings, please email us your mailing address! 
  • Second, by email you will receive an Online Appeal in September to raise funds for the upcoming 2013 Fall Screening Tour of Bhopali. Our goal is to cover all expenses, and we believe we can do it. If you wish to donate for the tour now, click here and write “screening tour” in the special comments box.

3. Hot Off the Press!

4. On The Ground

In December 2011, in response to long and sustained pressure by survivors, the State Government made 3 promises to Bhopal Gas Victims.

  1. To accurately count the number of Bhopal disaster survivors in the Supreme Court’s Curative Petition to ensure proper compensation.
  2. To meet with the Indian Prime Minister in the company of survivors in order to ensure #1.
  3. To create an independent investigation into the violence used against activists during Rail Roko, a protest held in Bhopal in 2011.

These promises were all made in writing and not a single one has been implemented to date. On August 30th at 11:45 AM gas survivors will walk from Neelam Park to the Chief Minister’s residence to remind him of this two year old promise. Follow the story on our Facebook Page and express your support.

4. Take Action

  • Email us with your ideas about campaign building. We would love to make connections and collaborate with other groups on these issues that affect us all.

  • Make a donationto ICJB. Your support is crucial to the campaign.

This LowDOWn is brought to you by Advisory Board members of ICJB North America.

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