The LowDOWn – November 2010

Bhopal lowDOWn – November 2010


In this issue:

  1. Bhopal and Obama’s Visit to India
  2. Curry Cook-off 2010
  3. Upcoming 26th Anniversary
  4. Recent Victories
  5. News from Our Allies


1.  Bhopal and Obama’s Visit to India 

As you may know, President Obama made his first trip to India from November 6-9.  The visit was part of a 9 day trip to Asia which is the longest foreign trip undertaken by Obama.  However, he was disappointingly unresponsive to the Bhopal survivors’ requests for meetings or at the least, a statement.  When questioned on the issue in a private meeting, however, Mr. Obama allegedly said he would address the issue later.  Approximately 400 Bhopali activists traveled to Delhi to protest the U.S.’s stance on Bhopal.  Read our press release here.

Dow Chemical’s CEO Andrew Liveris was mysteriously and notably absent from Obama’s delegate of American businesses meeting in Bhopal.  Perhaps both parties realized Dow would not be warmly received in a country where Dow’s lack of responsibility for its subsidiary, Union Carbide Corporate, has done tremendous damage to the human element.

2nd Place, Kenny and Jenny with Kenny's Korma

2.  Second Annual Curry Cook-off: a Delicious Success!

For the second year running, we hosted our annual fundraiser in the colorful Mission District of San Francisco.  This year we featured seven different vegetarian curries, a range of silent auction and raffle items, and a dance performance by the talented Christine Germain.  The event attracted roughly 100 guests, from kids to college students to professionals.  Over the night we raised a grand total of $4,000 for ICJB North America!  We look forward to an even bigger event next year!  Download the full program here

3. The 26th Anniversary

Can you believe it?  26 years and still no justice for those affected by the 1984 Gas Disaster.  What does the December 3rd anniversary have in store for us this year?  Here in the U.S., we wil lcontinue to focus on the Obama Administration.  His Administration can’t be making these kind of statements, or be calling the issue a “closed case.”  Anniversary plans include worldwide protests, candlelight vigils, and film screenings. We’ll be sending more information and resources to take soon, so keep your ears open!  Contact us to get involved.

4.  Recent Victories

The Bhopal Campaign has been making small steps towards the larger goal of kicking Dow chemical out of India until they clean up Bhopal.  We aren’t alone in this David versus Goliath battle; in September, locals of a village near Pune successfully opposed the Rs 400-crore (about $9 million USD) proposed Dow Research & Development Center project.  The Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) also blacklisted Dow Chemical’s subsidiary, Dow AgroSciences, from doing business in India for the next 5 years.  They were banned for bribing Indian government officials to expedite the registration of several pesticides. 

5.  What’s New with Our Allies

Annie Leonard, creator of The Story of Stuff, has published her team’s latest video on e-waste (the not-so-eco-friendly disposalof electronics).  It’s a great video, check it out here!

Fellow corporate accountability campaigners, Corporate Accountability International, is now accepting votes for the 2010 Hall of Shame, the worst corporate abusers of the year.  Shouldn’t Dow Chemical be in the top five? Vote now!


Thanks for staying up-to-date with us. Remember that we need your support to make justice in Bhopal a reality.

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