The LowDOWn – November 2014

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Bhopal LowDOWn – November  2014

 Brought to you by the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, North America

 In this issue:

1. On the Ground
2. Hot Off the Press
3. Petition
4. 30th Anniversary Events
5. Dow Action
6. Take Action

1. On the Ground


On November 9th, 1000 survivors boarded trains to New Delhi for the protest action at Jantar Mantar. Five survivors are on an INDEFINITE WATERLESS FAST demanding compensation for the 93% of survivors that were unfairly excluded in the compensation paid out by the Government of India, and the correction of figures in the curative petition

Read the press release

 About the Indefinite Fasters

(photos by Joe Athialy)

Kamla Bai Airhwar

“Mother of 4 sons is considered blessed but because of the disaster I have a cursed life. I want to tell the government that we are dying anyway – this way at least my death will make a difference. I am not afraid – if I was not afraid when the poison clouds hit me, if I was not afraid of the police in the demonstrations I took part in Delhi, Bombay and other places – why should I be afraid now?”

Read more about Kamla


Kasturi Bai

“Our neighbourhood was among the worst hit by the poisonous gas from Union Carbide. Yet 91 % of residents in our neighbourhood have been categorized as only temporarily injured by the government. I am happy to be doing something to correct this terrible wrong.”

Read more about Kasturi

Premlata Chaudhary

“Union Carbide’s poisons have killed people in my family in direct and indirect ways. What I find most distressing is that our own government does everything to help the American corporations and does not pay any attention to our worsening condition. Through our fast we hope to make people in the government sit up and take notice.”

Read more about Premlata

Shehzadi Bi

“Different parties have come to power in the last three decades but none has paid any attention to the survivors of Bhopal. I am not afraid of dying and hope my death will make the government take notice of the situation in Bhopal.”

Read more about Shehzadi

Vishnu Panthi

“If I die the government will be to blame. I am tired of the falsehoods of our government. The Chief Minister made a promise of Rs. 5 lakhs to each affected person and then betrayed that promise.”

 Read more about Vishnu

Rachna Dhingra, the Coordinator of the Bhopal Group for Information and Action, is also fasting in solidarity with the survivors.

For all updates on the fast, please visit

Take Action: Please tweet @dowchemical, @narendramodi, @PMOIndia, and @AnanthKumar_BJP and  demand justice for Bhopal. Please use the hashtags #bhopal30 #dowchemical.

2. Hot off the Press

Worlds Worst Corporate Criminal Warren Anderson Dies

Support from Martin Sheen, as he stars in Prayer for Rain

Acting choice was easy – Warren Anderson as portrayed by Martin Sheen

Survivors Want Toll Revised

3. Petition

We are still pushing forward with over 28,000 signatures on our petition to revise the figures of death and extent of injuries.

Do sign this petition, share the link, forward to your email lists, and publicize on social media.

4. 30th Anniversary Events

Please take a look at all of our upcoming events for the 30th Anniversary. Events are taking place globally. Please click here to find events in your area!

We’re hoping for solidarity events all over North America. Contact us if you’re interested in organizing an event (big or small) in your area.

5. Dow Action

On December 2nd/3rd, 2014 it will be the 30th anniversary of the world’s worst industrial disaster. Thirty years and survivors continue to struggle for their right to adequate healthcare (and medical research), economic and social rehabilitation, adequate compensation, a pollution-free environment and justice. The Indian courts have summoned The Dow Chemical Company to explain why its subsidiary, The Union Carbide Corporation, has failed to appear and face justice. Dow, too, continues to deny responsibility and refuses to appear. Let’s let Dow know that it is not above the law.

Tell Dow: “30 years without justice. Dow Chemical is not above the law. Clean up Bhopal NOW”

Tweet: @DowChemical
Facebook: The Dow Chemical Company
Telephone: 1-800-258-2439 (US and Canada)

6. Take Action

This year, we need your support more than ever. Here are some ways you can take action:

  • Make a Donation Here
  • Join our Global Solidarity Fast on December 3rd. Click here to sign up
  • Volunteer with our website. Basic knowledge of wordpress OR the campaign required. Please email us to get started right away!
  • Host an action, event or fundraiser! Email Reena for more details.
  • Vote for Dow Chemical into the corporate hall of shame
  • Visit our Facebook Group Here and our Page Here
  • Follow us on Twitter Here

This campaign LowDOWn is brought to you by members of ICJB North America.

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