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Twitter Action: Dow Chemical Stockholder Meeting 2015

Friends, Supporters, Survivors,

The Dow Chemical Company will host its 118th Annual Meeting of Stockholders on Thursday, May 14, 2015 from 10:00AM Eastern Time until 11:00AM Eastern Time.

Andrew Liveris, Dow Chairman and CEO, will deliver the keynote address. Here are the details.

This is an opportunity for us to tweet at Dow Chemical and remind them, and everyone, about the blood on their hands.

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You’ve been summoned by an Indian court, but refuse to appear. Where art DOW? #Bhopal30 #DownWithDow #dowagm

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We will never FORGET #Bhopal @DowChemical #DownWithDow #Bhopal30 #dowagm

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@DowChemical you will have to pay up. Tell your stockholders about the thousands dead and injured in Bhopal #dowagm #Bhopal30

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