Shankar Tucker – Live in Concert! – Boston

Concert Details

  • WHEN: November 4, 2012 (6pm)
  • WHERE: MIT, Kresge Auditorium [Parking Details][Directions]
  • Opposite 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA
  • Doors open at 5pm; Concert starts at 6pm. First come, first serve seating.
  • Any questions:

Sponsored by

 Students for Bhopal at MIT

is a coalition of disaster survivors and environmental, social justice, progressive Indian, and human rights groups that have joined forces to hold the Indian Government and Dow Chemical Corporation accountable for the ongoing chemical disaster in Bhopal, India. It was set up to address the grave injustices suffered by the half million Bhopal Gas Disaster survivors.

Association For India’s Development, MIT & Boston Chapters

is a volunteer movement promoting sustainable, equitable and just development. AID supports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in various interconnected spheres such as education, livelihoods, natural resources including land, water and energy, agriculture, health, women’s empowerment and social justice.


represents a move to democratise the Indian performing arts space by bringing together the very best of upcoming talent within various genres of music. Selected by stalwarts from the field, the attempt is to build and strengthen the next generation of musicians in the region from diverse musical traditions.

About the Artists

Shankar Tucker

Shankar blends Classical Indian music, jazz and popular music to create a unique and original fusion sound, both in solo recordings and with some of the most talented and accomplished young Carnatic and Hindustani vocalists and instrumentalists, including Vidya and Vandana Iyer, Nirali Kartik, Mahesh Vinayakram, B. Sree Sundarkumar, and others. Shankar himself plays a wide range of instruments in his recordings: piano, bass, kanjira, tabla, and other percussion instruments. As a clarinetist, Shankar has shared the stage with such legendary artists as Zakir Hussain and Hariprasad Chaurasia. Learn more:

Rohini Ravada

Rohini Ravada has trained in Carnatic Music for over 24 years. Under the teaching and guidance of Mrs. Maragatham Ramaswamy, she has discovered the joy music can bring to one’s soul. Thanks to Shankar Tucker she experienced the adventure in bringing a song to life in a new light. Learn more:

Rohan Kymal

Rohan Kymal is a young singer, musician and actor based in New York. Though Rohan has been singing and playing musical instruments since he was 6 years old, his interest in the theatrical arts blossomed only in his junior year in high school. He went on to attend the prestigious NYU Tisch school of the arts, majoring in theater with a minor in entertainment business. Rohan graduated from NYU in the Spring of 2011 and is currently signed with the talent agency, Henderson Hogan who represents actors in film, television and theatre. Since graduating Rohan has starred in 2 feature films and continues to do Theatre in NYC and various Regional theatres. Learn

Vidya and Vandana Iyer

Vidya and Vandana started to learn music at a very young age with D.K. Nagarajan, brother of D.K. Pattammal. Under his teaching and guidance, their passion for music grew throughout the years. It all began when they recorded Nee Nenaindal as a fun project with clarinetist and composer, Shankar Tucker, which started to get attention on YouTube. They hope to release more songs in the future with him and pursue their passion.


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