We need your support – Take action against DOW

On December 2nd/3rd, 2014 it will be the 30th anniversary of the world’s worst industrial disaster. Thirty years and survivors continue to struggle for their right to adequate healthcare (and medical research), economic and social rehabilitation, adequate compensation, a pollution-free environment and justice. The Indian courts have summoned The Dow Chemical Company to explain why its subsidiary, The Union Carbide Corporation, has failed to appear and face justice. Dow, too, continues to deny responsibility and refuses to appear. Let’s let Dow know that it is not above the law.

Tell Dow: “30 years without justice. Dow Chemical is not above the law. Clean up Bhopal NOW”

Tweet: @DowChemical
Facebook: The Dow Chemical Company
Telephone: 1-800-258-2439 (US and Canada)
E-mail: http://www.dow.com/company/contact/

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