Welcome to the New Students for Bhopal Website!

Don’t be surprised! Dow did not make a sneak attack and overrun our website 🙂

Welcome to the new and improved Students for Bhopal website. We have made it simpler, accessible, accurate and more useful for you. Whether you are new to the issue and wanted to learn about the Bhopal Gas Disaster, or a seasoned campaigner looking to organize a Dump Your Dow event for the 25th Anniversary, you are covered here.

Just use the navigation pane on the left to Learn about the Bhopal disaster and the campaign for justice, Act against Dow’s injustices by finding local groups near you or starting a campaign in your school or community, or Donate to the campaign to keep it alive and kicking (Dow).

Also, we have switched to a content management system like Wikipedia that allows the community (“you”) to contribute to the website. If you would like help with a webpage or write an article, email us for an account. You can also use the RSS and Twitter feeds to follow campaign actions and join our group on Facebook!

We are still improving the site, but if you find something amiss drop us a note. If you are nostalgic for the earlier website, it is available here. Happy browsing!

–The SfB Web & Content Team

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