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Bhopal survivors support Toulouse victims

Bhopal survivors and campaigners are in the southern French city of Toulouse to join with victims of the September 2001 explosion at a chemical factory owned by the AZF company, which killed 30 people and left countless more damaged. The Toulouse victims in their quest for justice have encountered the same obstacles as the chemical industry’s victims in Bhopal. A negligent company which wishes to disclaim responsibility, pay minimal compensation and resist attempts to strengthen regulatory laws. Today and tomorrow, culminating in the second anniversary of the Toulouse tragedy on Sunday 21st, a programme of talks, discussions and exhibitions, organised by the Toulousain Forum du Citoyen Averti et Résistant is taking place on the banks of the river Garonne in the heart of Toulouse. The visitors from Bhopal will share their own and their community’s experiences and offer the full support of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal to the victims of the AZF company in their struggle for justice and in their determination that PLUS JAMAIS ÇA, NI ICI NI AILLEURS!

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