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Dec. 3, 2014 – 30th Anniversary

This is THE hub for all announcements related to the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal gas disaster. Check back for frequent updates.

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Get Involved!

1. Attend a 30th anniversary event!

See our Calendar of ALL 30th Anniversary Events

Interested in visiting Bhopal during the anniversary? Read our open invitation.

Click here for a list of all events happening in Bhopal (PDF).

2. Plan an event for the anniversary in your community!

Look through our list of action ideas to find an event idea that suits you and your group. New to organizing? No problem! Take advantage of our great Skills and Resources Toolbox, which has all the information you need to get started, as well as our Campaign Resources. We also have many resources and experienced activists who can help you plan an effective event: please email so we can add your event to our calendar (see below) and provide introductions to other Bhopal activists/allies who may live nearby.

30th Anniversary Event Resources

Fact Sheet for the 30th Anniversary


3. Fast for Bhopal!

To mark the 30th anniversary, we asking for at least 30 people to commit to fasting for 30 hours, in solidarity with those fasting in India.  We are also encouraging people to fundraise $30-$300 at the same time.  Join us and sign up to fast and fundraise on December 3rd.

4. Sign Our Petition

Sign our petition telling the Government of India to include the thousands of people currently not recognized in the official Bhopal death toll and injuries figures (which will then make them eligible for compensation), and to move for an urgent hearing of the compensation case in the Supreme Court.

5. Do another 2-minute Action right now

Find out how you can help the survivors of Bhopal immediately.

6. Learn More About the Bhopal Disaster and ICJB’s Important Work

Explore our website – read about What Happened in Bhopal, ICJB’s Demands for Justice, and what you can do to help!

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Rally at Dow Chemical in Washington, DC on June 24

Rally at Dow

Our partners at Amnesty International USA are holding a rally on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at Dow Chemical in Washington, DC to urge the company to comply with a summons issued in the ongoing criminal case concerning the 1984 gas disaster in Bhopal, India. The Chief Judicial Magistrate of Bhopal has summoned Dow to appear on July 4, 2014 for a hearing in Bhopal.

Continue reading Rally at Dow Chemical in Washington, DC on June 24

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Get DOW into the Dirty Dozen!

AdBusters is running a campaign to expose the Dirty Dozen – a list of the 12 worst corporations. We’ve managed to get Dow on the list, but we need your help to keep them there, and move them up the chart. We need just one minute of your time to make sure the Dow Chemical Company makes it on that list!

In addition to the Bhopal gas disaster, Dow is responsible for chemical weapons, such as Agent Orange and Napalm, and a number of GMOs and pesticides, including 2,4-D.


  • Visit Adbusters’ voting website
  • At the very bottom of the ballot, there is an option that says “Killacorp”. Here, enter “Dow Chemical”
  • Click on the circle next to your entry and press vote!
  • You can vote once every day, so please keep voting!

Let’s make sure that we let Dow know that we won’t stand for their toxins!

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Help Improve

6 sites into 1 site

We are calling on you for your support during one of the most critical points in the campaign, the 30th anniversary. is a critical resource for the global solidarity movement for justice in Bhopal, and it NEEDS to be updated.

We need your help.  We have until July 11 to raise $5,000 in order to merge all of our sites.

We currently have six websites and subsites with 2,500+ posts that need to be organized and combined so can effectively tell the story of the gas disaster, the history of resistance and demands for accountability, and status of the current campaign.

This December marks the 30th anniversary of the disaster. We need one website, to tell many stories of the horrors that happened that night, so we can ensure that we live in a toxic free future.

Some people believe that after the 30th anniversary, movements start to die and people stop forgetting. One thing is for sure – we will not stop fighting until there is justice in Bhopal.

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In solidarity,

ICJB North America

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Global Solidarity Fast for Bhopal

To mark the 30th anniversary (2014), supporters of the Bhopal cause all over the world are launching a coordinated relay fast for 365 days to amplify the voices of survivors and to show our commitment to bringing justice in Bhopal. It is shameful that to date basic steps to clean up the site and surrounding areas and providing healthcare for survivors have not been taken. The goal of the year long fast is to bring attention to the survivors key demands:
Clean up the contaminated site and surrounding areas
Provide medical relief and rehabilitation to all survivors
Prosecute the polluter Dow Chemicals

To participate in the relay fast please fill out this form!

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