Dump Your Dow

Dump Your Dow

Dump Your Dow!

Quick Link: See a list of products that contain Dow chemicals!

What is Dump Your Dow?

Since buying Union Carbide in 2001, Dow has refused to send their subsidiary to court for charges of culpable homicide in Bhopal.  Until Dow stops harboring a fugitive and cleans up Bhopal, it’s time for you to DUMP YOUR DOW! The Dump Your Dow campaign is encouraging people to dump Dow from their portfolios, shelves, and organizations.

Why Dump Your Dow?

Dow and it’s subsidiary, Union Carbide, have not taken responsibility for the atrocities in Bhopal that continue to wreak havoc on the local people.  The laws in India and the U.S. state that the “polluter pays” principle applies; yet the water in Bhopal still contains alarmingly high levels of mercury, dichlorobenzene, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and other persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals.

The Indian Government has declared Union Carbide a fugitive of justice, because the company has refused to show up in court on charges of “culpable homicide” (or manslaughter).  Dow is considered to be harboring a fugitive on American soil, and ICJB is demanding that Dow surrenders their subsidiary to court.

Dow’s dirty legacy reaches far beyond Bhopal.  From producing Agent Orange used in the Vietnam War to dumping dioxins into the Saginaw River basin, Dow has done nasty things all over the world.  Learn about more of Dow’s controversies here.

How can you Dump Your Dow?

  • Stop using/ buying things that have Dow products (see list below)
  • Sell any Dow stock that you hold, and donate a portion of the profit to the campaign and/or clinic in Bhopal
  • Get your university to dump any money they have gotten from Dow, or dump Dow from sponsoring recruitment events
  • Get your city/town to pass a resolution to stop purchasing any Dow products (see below for city resolutions that have already passed)
  • Institutional investment firms can dump Dow from their portfolios

Tell us how you Dumped Your Dow!

We want to hear your Dump Your Dow Stories!  Write on our Facebook Wall or Tweet us, or Email them to: shana@panna.org!

The following companies have products containing Dow chemicals:

Cover Girl (product example: Lash Exact Waterproof)
Clinique (product example: Color Surge Lift n’Shine Lipstick)Clinique
Crest (product example: Multicare Whitening)
Olay (product example: Hydrate and Cleanse, body wash)
Matrix Men (product example: Moisture Rev)
L’Oreal Paris Vive Pro
Secret (product example: Clinical Strength deodorant)
Coppertone (product example: Sport 50 spf)copperton
Water Babies
Head & Shoulders (product example: 2 in 1 Scalp Care)
Suave (product example: Naturals)
Dove dove
Got.2bglued (product example: screaming hold)
Fresh Baked
Old Spice (product example: Red Zone)
Johnson’s (product example: Baby Milk Bath)
Friskies (in their packaging)
Saumsung Applications (product example: Processor memory)

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