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Stand up to DowDupont in Solidarity with Bhopal survivors – Wednesday April 25th Chicago

For over three decades, some of the poorest people on earth have fought a tireless struggle for their basic rights to justice, health and a life of dignity against one of the word’s richest multinational corporations. On April 25th, we have a major opportunity to show them that they are not alone in this longest fight for environmental justice.

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Tell the White House: Don’t Shield Dow!

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After you sign the petition, you will receive an email from the White House asking you to confirm your signature by clicking a link. Make sure to confirm your signature, otherwise it will not be counted. If you don’t receive an email from the White House within 1 hour, please check your spam folder.

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Thanks for helping the survivors get justice, once and for all!


Tell the US Govt: Don’t Shield Dow

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You can shine a spotlight on injustice and shame the US government into changing how it deals with corporate criminals by signing our petition to demand the US Government stop shielding Dow Chemical from accountability for its crimes in Bhopal, India .

Press Release for the Campaign

Greed, carelessness, and a callous disregard for human life – these words sum up the causes of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster. Dow Chemical, an American corporation, and its subsidiary the Union Carbide Corporation are legally responsible for the 1984 Bhopal disaster. But Dow-Carbide has refused to show up to court and face criminal charges that have been pending in India for 25+ years. Dow-Carbide has gotten away with this because the US government keeps acting as Dow’s special protector, guarding it from all accusations and accountability.

Right now the White House and the US Department of Justice are shielding Dow-Carbide from FOUR court notices sent by the Indian Judicial system, which per international treaty must be served to Dow. It’s time we told the US Department of Justice to do its job properly and abide by international law! Sign the petition now!

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Twitter Action: Dow Chemical Stockholder Meeting 2015

Friends, Supporters, Survivors,

The Dow Chemical Company will host its 118th Annual Meeting of Stockholders on Thursday, May 14, 2015 from 10:00AM Eastern Time until 11:00AM Eastern Time.

Andrew Liveris, Dow Chairman and CEO, will deliver the keynote address. Here are the details.

This is an opportunity for us to tweet at Dow Chemical and remind them, and everyone, about the blood on their hands.

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