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Fax the Demands of the Survivors to The Prime Minister

Five women survivors of the December ’84 Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal stopped taking water on the second day of their fast at 1 AM on November 11, 2014. Along with 1000 survivors of Bhopal at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi they are demanding :

  1. Additional compensation of Rs. 1 lakh for all survivors who have earlier received only Rs. 25 thousand for lifelong injuries.
  1. Revision of figures of death and injury caused by the gas disaster in the Curative petition filed by the central government for additional compensation from Union Carbide and Dow Chemical.

The Bhopal survivors have been agitating on these two issues from July 2010 and have conveyed their decision to go on waterless fast to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Chemicals (nodal ministry on Bhopal disaster) on September 12, 2014.

Using the form below, please send a fax each to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers in support of the Bhopal survivors’ demands in this 30th anniversary year of the Bhopal disaster.

UPDATE [14/11/2014, 5.30pm]: After sending hundreds of faxes to both the PMO and the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, we have a delegation from the ministry coming to meet the survivors at the protest site. Keeping this in mind and working hours of the government, the faxing form has been closed for now.

Thank you everyone for your support!

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* Send a selfie to Dow Chemical on twitter

* Put pressure on Dow to clean up Bhopal
* Act in Solidarity with Bhopalis

1) Write any message of solidarity on a piece of paper. Be as creative as you like!

2) Take your selfie holding up your message. You can include your face in the photo if you like.

3) Tweet your selfie to @DowChemical & @ICJBhopal

4) Write any tweet of solidarity. Some examples include:

DOW Clean Up Bhopal NOW!
We all live in Bhopal!
I stand in solidarity with Bhopalis!

5) Use the hashtag #Bhopal30, #walib & #DowChemical

*If you do not have twitter, please email the photo to and we will tweet it for you!


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“Our own government does everything to help the American corporations” – Indefinate Faster Premlata Chaudhary Speaks

“Union Carbide’s poisons have killed people in my family in direct and indirect ways. What I find most distressing is that our own government does everything to help the American corporations and does not pay any attention to our worsening condition. Through our fast we hope to make people in the government sit up and take notice.”

Premlata was born on August 15, 1947. Among her four sons and two daughters,  one son died after the disaster. At age 8 during an episode of convulsions he fell down and succumbed to the injuries. Her mother from out of Bhopal was visiting her at the time of the disaster and she has been missing from that night. Her husband worked as an engine driver but after being exposed to gas could not
continue on his job. Her sons had to drop out of school because the family’s income went down. Today they are unable to work because they remain sick. The family’s desperate economic situation drove one of her daughter in laws to commit suicide.

Premlata Chaudhary, Age: 66



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Diane Wilson – Donor Appeal Letter 2014

Dear Friends,

23 years ago, I heard a huge explosion outside my window in Seadrift, Texas. It was the Union Carbide factory. The explosion rattled windows twenty miles away and threw shrapnel the size of a car into the fields. It shook my house. One person was killed and 30 were injured–it could have been much worse.

A few weeks later I was on a plane to Bhopal, India, to meet the survivors of the Union Carbide gas disaster, whose lives were torn apart the night of December 3rd, 1984. They wanted to meet other activists campaigning around Union Carbide.


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