May 3rd, 2007: Bhopal Disaster Lecture at MIT

Often cited as the worst industrial disaster to date, the gas leak at a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India in 1984 killed 7,000 within days, and 22,000 to date.  The panelists include a chemical engineer who has worked in Bhopal and has affiliations with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical, and Boston's Environmental Health Fund Associates who have traveled to Bhopal and worked in the health clinic there.  What happened that night? What are the implications from an engineering perspective, a social perspective, and a corporate perspective? A panel discussion with Gary Cohen, Aquene Freechild, and Prof. Ron Willey.

MIT, Thursday, May 3rd, 2007


Gary Cohen
Founder and Co-Executive Director of Health Care Without Harm, Executive Director of the Environmental Health Fund, and member of the International Advicory Board of the Sambhavna Clinic and Documentation Center in Bhopal, which provides free medical care to Bhopal survivors.

Aquene Freechild
Program Associate of the Environmental Health Fund, and director of the Boston Coalition for Justice in Bhopal. Ms. Freechild was instrumental in recent shareholder activism successes, including a resolution passed by the Cambridge City Council boycotting Dow Chemical products.

Professor Ron Willey
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University. Professor Willey has visited Bhopal and will present his technical findings on the current status of the deserted Bhopal plant, and the engineering issues that lie ahead.

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