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We need you! Send political prisoner, Jeremy Hammond a postcard today.

We stand in solidarity with political prisoner, Jeremy Hammond. As part of a postcard blitz to Jeremy, survivors of the Bhopal gas disaster and supporters are sending Jeremy postcards in prison. Please contact us at if you are interested in participating in this important campaign.

The card reads:

“Mataa-e-lauh-o-kalam chin gayee to kya gham hai
Ki khoon-e-dil mein dubo li hai ungliyaan maine
Zubaan pe mohar lagi hai to kya, ki rakh di hai
Har ek halkaa-e-zanjeer mein zubaan maine”
– Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Why should I mourn if my tablet and pen are forbidden,
when I have dipped my fingers in my own blood until they stain?
My lips have been silenced, but what of it?
For I have hidden a tongue in every round-mouthed link of my chain.

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“They Did What They Liked”: Chevron and Dow on Trial

Dissent Magazine
Madhusree Mukerjee
 ▪ Fall 2014
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“They want me to be bankrupt, they want my wife to leave me, they want me to jump off a building,” says Steven Donziger, a lawyer based in New York City whose team won an unprecedented judgment against Chevron in 2011. That year, an Ecuadorean court found Texaco guilty of having polluted close to 2,000 square miles of the Amazon basin with crude oil, toxic wastewater, and other contaminants. The country’s Supreme Court eventually ordered the company’s successor, Chevron, to pay $9.5 billion for environmental remediation, medical treatment, and other relief for those affected. But Donziger’s victory painted a bull’s-eye on his back. The lawyer says he’s been watched; that he’s had laptops, thousands of documents, bank statements, and tax returns seized by court order and handed to Chevron’s lawyers; and that friends and supporters have been turned against him by threats of ruinous lawsuits.

Worst of all, this March a New York federal judge convicted Donziger under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act of heading a criminal undertaking that had corrupted and intimidated Ecuadorean judges in order to shake down Chevron. (If the $9.5 billion awarded to his clients were ever collected, Donziger, who has worked on the case for most of the two decades it took to reach completion, would stand to earn millions in lawyer’s fees.) Donziger has appealed. Even if he is vindicated, however, this novel deployment of the RICO Act—normally applied to mobsters and drug syndicates—adds a particularly nasty weapon to the already formidable arsenal that U.S. multinationals have developed, with considerable help from American judges, to defeat demands for accountability by litigants in poor foreign countries.

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Boston commemorates 30th anniversary of Bhopal Gas Disaster with vigil and chants

Boston commemorates 30th anniversary of Bhopal Gas Disaster with vigil, chants Calls for continuing struggle for justice and ensuring “No More Bhopals”

A large number of people turned up in front of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on 77 Mass. Ave in Cambridge on Dec 3 2014 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster. A section of the official press release from the survivor groups in Bhopal was read out by Nitin Gujaran, a volunteer with Association for India’s Development (AID).

The press release called for the governments of India and US to take immediate steps towards justice. It also called for continued struggle among the international support groups to continue to press Dow Chemicals for accepting its responsibility.

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STATEMENT ON HUMAN RIGHTS DAY – Justice in the USA and India

Dec 10 2014

Association for India’s Development (AID) has always stood by the struggles of the oppressed and marginalized. We have a large volunteer base in the United States and today, on Human Rights Day, we are shocked by the choke that led to the death of Eric Garner in New York and the numerous other cases of extrajudicial killings to which recent similar incidents have drawn attention. Nobody has yet been brought to justice in this case in the United States, and nobody has been brought to justice in India when on December 3, 1984, the Union Carbide plant (now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical Corp.) choked, maimed, and killed thousands of people in Bhopal. Human rights groups across the United States and India are on the streets fighting for justice, and on this day we stand for equality in the eyes of the law for all races, all people of color, and holding governments and corporations accountable for their actions around the world.


Civil Rights issues in the US / Eric Garner case

Statement by New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU)

Reaction of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

March by Civil Rights Leaders

Racial Apartheid In America

Environmental Racism and the Bhopal Gas Disaster

Letter to President Obama on the 30th Anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster

Indian and US Governments Responsible for Neglecting Bhopal Disaster

Who’s in Danger: Race, Poverty and Chemical Disasters

Environmental Justice in the US and in Bhopal, India

POEM: Struggling to Breathe —  Bhopal to New York

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Business Insider: Bhopal Still Hasn’t Recovered From The Worst Industrial Disaster In History

bhopal protestsGiles N. Clarke/Reportage by Getty

Thirty years ago on Wednesday, in the city of Bhopal in central India, a gas leak from a local Union Carbide plant moved swiftly into residential areas, poisoning victims in their sleep. Due to a lack of sufficient safety systems, killing tens of thousands (no numbers were ever confirmed) and leaving more than half a million people with serious, long-term health problems.

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