A New Year’s Message to our Supporters

Dear Supporters,

From all of us at the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to you for a Happy New Year, and to extend an invitation to ring in 2010 with ICJB. 

2009 was a monumental year for the Bhopal campaign

  • As 2009 began, we saw the construction of clean water pipelines finally begin in many Bhopali communities. While we still need to fight to ensure that construction is completed and everyone has access to clean water, we are glad that thousands of people now have access to clean water from these new pipelines.
  • In the spring, Bhopal survivors brought their story to North America, on a 33-city tour.  We galvanized support from hundreds of supporters including powerful members of the U.S. Congress.
  • And of course, the year ended with the 25th Anniversary of the Disaster – a major international mobilization that saw over 100 actions, thousands of media hits, and the release of two new reports about the water contamination in Bhopal.

Thank you for making 2009 one of the biggest years in this movement’s history.  

I’d like to invite you to ring in 2010 with ICJB, and help us build on the success of 2009 and remember the long history of this movement.  Make a $15 (USD) donation and we will send you a beautiful 2010 Calendar: A Tribute to the 25 Year Struggle for Justice in Bhopal. 

This calendar has inspiring photo collages showing the history of the Bhopal Movement. The calendar displays the many faces of the Bhopal Movement – from January, the month dedicated to the Anniversary commemorations, to May, the month showing the next generation – the new leaders of the movement, to November, the month showing the many victories we’ve celebrated.

Here is how you can get a copy of this inspiring and colorful calendar:

Thank you for all you do,
Shana Ortman, ICJB U.S. Coordinator

PS – if you’d like to sell calendars to raise money for ICJB, please email me at shana@panna.org

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