Dow and Live Earth

To Bhopalis the idea of asking Dow to sponsor Live Earth was like building a cathedral and then asking the devil to consecrate it. Bhopal supporters in many cities around the world spoke out against Dow’s attempt to greenwash itself by association with a good cause. Amnesty International members in several countries asked Live Earth organisers to dissociate themselves and their run from Dow, and this happened in Stockholm and Chennai. In London, Manchester, Milan and Berlin the Live Earth runs were cancelled, apparently from lack of public interest.

Petition to the organisers of Live Earth’s Live Earth pages
Exhibition: Damaged by Dow
Dow’s dirty dozen – a dozen spots around the world where Dow or its subsidiaries have contaminated the water
The Hindustan Sea Turtle Alliance
Report from Amnesty sections on actions carried out against Dow’s sponsorship of Live Earth
NDT TV World News report on Dow, Bhopal and Live Earth
TV report: Bhopal Groups subvert the Dow-sponsored Live Earth run in Delhi

Amnesty International in the Netherlands and the UK-based Bhopal Medical Appeal ran advertisements referring to the horrific irony of Dow sponsoring an event for clean water when thousands of children in Bhopal are being born malformed or with brain damage or cancers as a result of water contamination caused by Dow’s subsidiary Union Carbide.

UK ad from the Bhopal Medical Appeal

Download a fullsize PDF of the appeal

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