ICJB Mourns Activist’s Passing Away

Press Statement

Syed M. Irfan, President of Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahil Purush Sangharsh Morcha, died today at 3pm at his home after long Irfanillness. He was 62 years old. A survivor of the disaster himself, late Mr Irfan was an active campaigner for justice in the case of Union Carbide in Bhopal. Despite being severely exposed to the toxic gas he led many demonstrations of the survivors in the immediate aftermath of the disaster and then stayed active till his last days.
In 2006, despite frail length he marched from Bhopal to Delhi seeking medical care and rehabilitation for the people poisoned by Union Carbide. Following Dow's take over of Union Carbide in 2001, he devoted himself to mobilizing public opinion on the issue of toxic contamination in and around the Union Carbide factory.
He traveled to several places within India including Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Plachimada (Kerela), Raipur, and other places to raise awareness on Bhopal and in solidarity with other people's movements in the Country.Irfan
He was part of the joint front of four organisations since 2004 and was a member of International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal.
He leaves behind his wife and two sons. We, his fellow campaigners mourn Irfan Bhai's death and resolve to continue with the struggle with which he was associated for the larger part of his life.
Rashida Bi,
Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahila Stationery Karmchari Sangh 
94256 88215
Balkrishna Namdeo,
Bhopal Gas Peedit Nirashrit Pension Bhogi Sangharsh Morcha
98263 45423
Satinath Sarangi, Rachna Dhingra,
Bhopal Group for Information and Action
98261 67369
Safreen Khan
Children Against Dow Carbide
93038 31487

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