List of Medical Headlines 1984-2004


6/12/84 More deaths likely in Bhopal: US Experts Times of India
6/12/84 Massive relief work on Free Press
7/12/84 No risk of total blindness: Prof Madan Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
7/12/84 Medicines worth Rs 7 lakh used Free Press
9/12/84 People exposed to MIC may suffer neurological disorders Patriot
10/12/84 Protest rally against leakage tragedy Free Press
10/12/84 Widespread scare about after-effects Times of India
11/12/84 IMA opens medical centres Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
11/12/84 Many gas victims have chest pain: American let inside plant Hindustan Times
12/12/84 Gas victims having breathing trouble, burning feeling in eyes Patriot
13/12/84 Relief work inadequate Economic Times
13/12/84 Bhopal doctors end strike Statesman
13/12/84 Many complaints from treated gas victims Times of India
13/12/84 Ban research from foreign agencies Free Press
14/12/84 Gas victims rally US embassy National Herald
14/12/84 An Indian city full of fear, exodus empties a hospital New York Times
14/12/84 Relief for gas victims on Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
18/12/84 Medical response to crisis in Bhopal wins praise New York Times


8/1/85 Gas front threatens intensified agitation Free Press
10/1/85 Gas victims demonstration Free Press
13/1/85 Hazards of MIC little known: Ramalingaswamy Free Press
14/1/85 Long term gas effects unknown Free Press
– / – Medical dimension of Bhopal Magazine
25/2/85 Gas victims not yet cured Free Press Journal
20/3/85 First baby after gas tragedy dies in 40 hours Times of India
26/3/85 Carbide misleads on MIC Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
21/3/85 No short term cure for MIC victims Indian Express
27/3/85 Appalling state of relief work Times of India
29/3/85 Disabling and incurable ailments still afflict thousands in Bhopal New York Times
9/4/85 Doctors in India disagree on drug New York Times
7/5/85 Significant findings on gas victims Times of India
7/5/85 MIC caused hemoglobin change Express News
7/5/85 Lungs of 28% of Bhopal gas victims damaged Times of India
7/5/85 Monitoring health effects of gas Patriot
7/5/85 MIC caused haemoglobin change Express News
12/5/85 Bhopal citizens suffer MIC contamination in water Patriot
12/5/85 MIC still found in Bhopal residents Free Press
12/5/85 MIC in blood of Bhopal residents Press Trust India
13/5/85 Health of 2.5 lakh Bhopal victims still alarming Free Press Journal
19/5/85 Police beat up Carbide victims Times of India
21/5/85 MIC victims not being detoxified in spite of cyanide poisoning Patriot
27/5/85 MP admits 77 gas babies death Hindustan Times
1/6/85 Mental disorders in gas victims Hindustan Times
2/6/85 Bhopal now: suffering and secrecy Sunday Observer
3/6/85 Neurosis afflicts Bhopal gas victims Indian Express
4/6/85 Gas victims suffering from mental disorder Deccan Herald
6/6/85 Cops beat up MIC victims in rally Hindustan Times
15/6/85 People’s clinic gains popularity Times of India
19/6/85 Medical panel soon to aid gas victims Deccan Herald
19/6/85 Government panel to help gas victims Indian Express
21/6/85 Carbide buys up Bhopal doctors Indian Express
22/6/85 No let-up in Bhopal infant deaths Indian Express
23/6/85 Government hostility to voluntary groups in Bhopal deplored Patriot
25/6/85 Bhopal gas victims show no sign of improvement Hindustan Times
27/6/85 Bhopal victims take out morcha Indian Express
27/6/85 Police demolish clinic, hand records to Carbide Patriot
27/6/85 MP panel condemns doctors’ harassment Indian Express
28/6/85 Police repression of gas victims in Bhopal press release
28/6/85 Poison gas at MIC rally: cops Hindustan Times
29/6/85 Bhopal disaster: release of protesters demanded The Statesman
29/6/85 A social worker’s release sought Times of India
29/6/85 Bhopal disaster: release of protesters demanded The Statesman
30/6/85 MP police to check out detainees’ rally Indian Express
1/7/85 People still dying due to MIC exposure Hindustan Times
1/7/85 Killer gas shows its after-effects The Patriot
15/7/85 Mobile clinic for gas victims started Hindustan Times
22/7/85 Dharna for gas tragedy victims Hindustan Times
22/7/85 New Bhopal Dispute: Cyanide poisoning of victims claimed News of the week
22/7/85 No let-up in Bhopal infant deaths The Telegraph
27/8/85 NBC report on Bhopal relief repudiated Indian Express
26/8/85 Better medical facilities ordered for MIC victims Patriot
1/12/85 A year later, health of many in Bhopal still in question The Tribune
9/12/85 Trauma haunts Bhopal children Times of India
11/12/85 Emotional imbalance in gas-affected kids Express


1/1/86 Meet to discuss treatment of gas-hit Indian Express
4/1/86 ICMR settles thiosulphate controversy Indian Express
31/1/86 Medical check-up of gas-hit on Free Press
6/2/86 Medical treatment for gas-hit women sought Free Press
12/2/86 MIC may lead to mental retardation Free Press Journal
17/2/86 Bhopal victims face “lasting” injuries Free Press Journal
9/8/86 Commission to study gas leak effects Patriot
4/9/86 Gas relief activists amidst controversy Chronicle
6/9/86 One held for recording meet Dainik Bhaskar
6/9/86 Gas tragedy research or spying Free Press Journal
6/9/86 Lung damage to gas victims long-term Times of India
7/9/86 Spying accused remanded to police custody Free Press Journal
7/9/86 Activists of Bhopal group arrested Patriot
8/9/86 Bhopal action group activists detained The Statesman
8/9/86 Two held for spying against Carbide victims Hindustan Times
8/9/86 Bhopal police change charge against spy Times of India
9/9/86 Bhopal arrests evoke sharp protests Statesman
9/9/86 Arrest of “spies” condemned Free Press Journal
10/9/86 Arrest of two activists in Bhopal flawed Indian Express
11/9/86 Govt harassing civil rights activists Free Press Journal
11/9/86 CID crackdown on Bhopal activists Indian Express
11/9/86 Bhopal Group fears more arrests Times of India
12/9/86 Morcha demands arrest of UCC informers Dainik Bhaskar
13/9/86 Pointless arrest Indian Express
13/9/86 Rendering the helpers helpless Times of India
13/9/86 Arrest of volunteers in Bhopal condemned The Statesman
14/9/86 Youth’s arrest in Bhopal criticized The Statesman
15/9/86 Bhopal voluntary work adversely affected Indian Express
16/9/86 City gas activists being harassed Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
16/9/86 Doubts over relief work by Red Cross in Bhopal Patriot
17/9/86 Doubts over relief work by Red Cross in Bhopal Patriot
27/11/86 Sodium thiosulphate may still be clinically useful Free Press
5/12/86 Government still in dark about death figures Bhaskar News


26/4/87 Oxygen hunger – main cause of gas victims’ trouble Dainik Bhaskar
3/6/87 Morcha leader puts MIC deaths at 20.000 City Bhaskar
14/8/87 No sops for hapless Carbide victims Dainik Bhaskar
28/8/87 Panel fears presence of toxic substances in victims Patriot
28/10/87 Toxins present in gas victims’ bodies’ Times of India
16/11/87 Medical documentation of gas victims getting ready The Hindu
22/12/87 Central team on gas relief arrives Dainik Bhaskar


4/7/88 Medical panel on gas victims mooted Indian Express
4/9/88 SC urged to set up medical cell for Bhopal victims Patriot
4/9/88 Court asked to set up rehabilitation panel The Statesman
29/11/88 Bhopal victims still suffering The Hindustan Times
3/12/88 General health declines Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
3/12/88 Extensive efforts to rehabilitate gas-hit underway Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
3/12/88 Gas leak claimed 3,330 lives so far Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
3/12/88 After the disaster Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
3/12/88 Medical documentation by April Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
4/12/88 Gas victims, a depressed lot Times of India
4/12/88 Vital drug being denied to Bhopal gas victims Patriot
4/12/88 Behavioral changes in victims Times of India
5/12/88 Research on MIC’s effects is crucial for the victims Times of India
6/12/88 60,000 MIC gas victims show no sign of improvement Patriot
8/12/88 Gas victims getting best possible medical aid: Arjun Singh Patriot
8/12/88 Toxicology studies at Bhopal The Hindu
13/12/88 Cyanide in MIC confirmed Times of India


14/5/89 Of mice and men: What are the implications of the medical studies… Patriot
2/6/89 Doctors fail to get their salaries Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
25/6/89 Bhopal marchers stranded at Agra Times of India
25/7/89 MIC deaths toll over 3,525 The Hindustan Times 
5/8/89 Govt. alerts gas dept on relief Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
5/9/89 Bhopal grant for still births Hindustan Times
9/9/89 MIC may have damaged immune systems Statesman
10/9/89 MIC analysis delaying probe Indian Express
10/9/89 MIC victims don’t need sodium drug Hindustan Times
15/9/89 Bhopal gas victims: Treatment and cure The Illustrated Weekly of India
17/9/89 Gas victims need 5 to 10 more years’ treatment The Hindu
18/9/89 361 abortions, 22 stillborn Carbide’s parting gift The Patriot
29/9/89 Bhopal officials hindering de-toxifying plan Times of India
5/12/89 Cyanide in MIC confirmed Times of India


29/1/90 Illness afflicts MIC victims Hindustan Times
3/4/90 Gas leak study team in a quandry Times of India
4/4/90 ICMR researchers being terminated Patriot
5/4/90 ICMR staff in Bhopal facing termination threat Indian Express
16/5/90 Toxic water found around UCC plant Times of India
21/7/90 Medical tests for Bhopal victims “unreliable” Sunday Observer, Delhi
30/10/90 Unending hell for gas leak victims Times of India
13/11/90 Victims sore over Govt apathy Indian Express
14/11/90 Bhopal victims air woes to PM Times of India
24/11/90 Medical categorization unscientific Statesman
25/11/90 How killer MIC lives on in Bhopal The Economic Times
30/11/90 Gas leak victims dying even today: Jabbar Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
30/11/90 Bhopal: Lingering effects of MIC The Business and Political Observer
30/11/90 Doubts aired about medical categorization Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
1/12/90 Grim prospect of MIC toxicity Hindustan Times


1/1/91 The survivors of Bhopal suffer still nine years later Inquirer
2/1/91 Toxic substances still present in Bhopal Indian Express
15/1/91 Govt claims lot has been done for the Carbide gas victims Hindustan Times
15/1/91 Mass campaign for gas victims Hindustan Times
4/2/91 A transfer that hit Bhopal gas victims Hindustan Times
5/2/91 Bhopal’s MIC toll now over 4,000 Hindustan Times
18/3/91 Exposure to MIC can cause cancer: Dr Patel National Mail
7/6/91 Special medical camp at Gandhi Nagar National Mail
31/7/91 Their fight for justice has no end The Statesman
17/10/91 UCC funds for hospital in Bhopal Times of India
21/10/91 Row over hospital for gas victims Hindustan Times
22/11/91 Meeting reviews medical facilities for gas victims Free Press
30/11/91 Gas victims continue to die Free Press
3/12/91 Modern equipments to cure gas victims National Mail
3/12/91 Ayurvedic cure for gas-hit Free Press
15/12/91 Medical categorization misleading: Jabbar Free Press
16/12/91 Gas victims suffer from serious diseases Free Press
18/12/91 Gas victims protest at lack of relief Hindustan Times


13/1/92 30,000 died in Bhopal gas tragedy Hindustan Times
13/1/92 Bhopal victims question medical data The Hindu
12/2/92 Chemical “taxi” spread Bhopal toxin The Hindu
10/4/92 Bending the law for drug companies The Telegraph
16/4/92 Carbide to build hospital in Bhopal The Pioneer
16/4/92 UCC to raise the funds for Bhopal hospital Patriot
17/4/92 Bhopal victims “no” to hospital The Pioneer
25/7/92 Gas disaster claimants not medically tested The Pioneer
26/7/92 Five MIC victims dying every week Free Press


3/6/93 Infant mortality rate highest in State, says UNICEF Dr Free Press
21/6/93 Condition of gas-hit worse during President’s rule Free Press


9/1/94 Global medical team for Bhopal gas victims Pioneer
9/1/94 International Commission formed to help gas victims The Hindu
12/1/94 Medical team to meet gas-hit Times of India
20/1/94 Govt urged to speed up gas victims’ rehabilitation Free Press
22/1/94 Health care of gas victims inadequate Times of India
22/1/94 Panel suggest better medicare for Bhopal gas victims Pioneer
22/1/94 Panel for new health system for gas victims The Hindu
22/1/94 Bhopal survey team gropes for an answer Indian Express
22/1/94 Most Bhopal gas victims beyond permanent recovery: Experts Observer
22/1/94 Medical panel’s Bhopal visit proves futile Times of India
23/1/94 Carbide was cagey about effects of gas The Pioneer
25/1/94 Bhopal health care “inadequate” Hindustan Times
25/1/94 Bhopal data needs urgent revamp The Hindu
31/1/94 Medicos suggest new treatment for gas victims Telegraph
13/2/94 Survivors of Bhopal’s gas disaster suffer still The Philadelphia Inquirer
15/2/94 SC allows sale of UCC shares to raise money for hospital Business Observer
10/4/94 Sangathan to launch indefinite dharna Free Press
6/5/94 Protest against irregularities in hospitals for gas-affected Free Press
12/5/94 Hospital plan for Bhopal gas victims in jeopardy Business Standard
12/5/94 Affect UCIL hospital Times of India
14/5/94 Carbide by building a hospital, is likely to go scot-free Asian Age
7/6/94 Plea to provide water free from toxin Free Press
29/9/94 Private sector shut out of Bhopal hospital project Business Standard
20/11/94 Bhopal struck by wave of “chemical Aids” The Observer, London
27/11/94 Relief is not the remedy Hindustan Times
27/11/94 Bhopal is big business The Hindustan Times
28/11/94 Bhopal gas leak victims still crying out for justice The Rising, Nepal
30/11/94 Disaster’s children condemned to carry life long scars Business Standard
1/12/94 10 years later, cancer looms over survivors of Bhopal gas tragedy Asian Age
2/12/94 Nightmare continues for Bhopal gas victims The Hindu
2/12/94 They shed the veil to demand their rights Philadelphia Inquirer
2/12/94 ICMR indifferent to research work on gas victims Free Press
3/12/94 ICMR unit to pack up? Chronicle
4/12/94 Schemes, medical aid for gas-hit soon: CM Free Press
4/12/94 Bhopal – the cover-up continues Times of India Sunday Review
12/12/94 Relief eludes the midnight’s children Indian Express
17/12/94 Govt to run ICMR Bhopal Free Press
24/12/94 Gas victims take out huge rally National Mail


5/1/95 Gas victims deprived of relief National Mail
6/1/95 Gas victims feel forlorn as medical relief not provided National Mail
13/1/95 Claim directorate refuses medical check up National Mail
22/1/95 Bhopal still sitting on a volcano! Chronicle
15/2/95 Departmental dispute delays hospital building opening National Mail
16/2/95 Separate department for gas victims’ rehabilitation likely National Mail
21/3/95 Keer asks Sir Ian to speed up work for gas victims’ hospital National Mail
21/4/95 Gas affected kids hold demonstration National Mail
13/5/95 New generation will now be unscathed by airborne death National Mail
22/5/95 Sangathan alleges large-scale pilferage in medicine purchase National Mail
23/5/95 Patients remain foodless due to funds shortage National Mail
25/5/95 Gas affected kids sent to Delhi for heart surgery National Mail
27/5/95 Move to close down MIC ward will spell doom for patients
16/6/95 Ray of hope for Bhopal Gas victims Indian Express
21/6/95 Successful heart surgery of gas-affected boy National Mail
25/6/95 Gas victims demonstrate National Mail
30/6/95 Gas-hit children to be treated in Delhi National Mail
27/7/95 Gas hit women, children to demonstrate National Mail
29/8/95 Gas victims to hold demonstration National Mail
12/9/95 New treatment for gas victims claimed National Mail
18/10/95 17 gas affected report daily National Mail
20/10/95 Medicalrehabilitation panel for gas victims welcomed National Mail
28/11/95 3 new hospitals for gas victims soon National Mail
29/11/95 Health camps on anniversary of gas tragedy National Mail
2/12/95 Gas victims still fight diseases The Times of India
2/12/95 SC asks UCC to clear stand on hospital The Pioneer
3/12/95 Massive cover up operations still continuing National Mail
3/12/95 Re-victimization of the gas victims National Mail
7/12/95 Medical camps for gas victims held National Mail


14/1/96 Transparency thy name is Trust National Mail
5/2/96 Gas exposure bane of Bhopal survivors: Report The Pioneer
7/2/96 Union Carbide will not provide more funds for hospital Times of India
9/2/96 UCCL bid to escape hospital fund flayed National Mail
12/2/96 Rs 1.5 cr worth medicines distributed to gas victims National Mail
12.2/96 Gas-hit not getting suitable treatment, says Jabbar National Mail
1/3/96 IMCB role on gas victims questioned Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
4/3/96 Sambhavna Trust plans long-term projects for welfare of gas-hit National Mail
4/3/96 “Verbal Autopsy” for gas-hit mooted Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
28/3/96 Longterm effects of Bhopal gas leak Pioneer
29/3/96 Efforts to improve maintenance of medicines at relief hospitals National Mail
30/9/96 Elderly gas-affected patients to get treatment at home National Mail
30/9/96 Will ban on private practice benefit gas-hit? National Mail
13/10/96 Number of gas patients at govt hospitals on the increase National Mail
14/10/96 Jabbar alleges irregularities in purchase of medicines National Mail
14/11/96 3 more gas-hit kids being sent to Delhi National Mail
25/11/96 New 100-bed hospital for gas victims to be opened National Mail
28/11/96 Aged gas victims to get medical help at doors National Mail
29/11/96 Seminar on medical aspects of Carbide disaster National Mail
30/11/96 Govt urged to oversee hospital building for gas-hit National Mail
2/12/96 Struggling to breath for the 13th year National Mail
3/12/96 The 1984 Union Carbide Toxic-Gas disaster killed 10,000 Village Voice
– /12/96 “I see an opportunity every time a child runs away from home” Times of India
3/12/96 Medical situation still grim, says Sangathan National Mail
6/12/96 Doctors still lack data on Bhopal crisis National Mail
9/12/96 Commission surveys Bhopal medical effects Chemical and Engineering News
12/12/96 Bhopal tragedy: The unpaid human costs of globalization Times of India
16/12/96 Bhopal victims still have nightmares Times of India


2/2/97 Bhopal still breathes uneasy National Mail
3/2/97 Handing over of Red Cross dispensaries to Bhopal Hospital Trust flayed National Mail
23/3/97 Panel to manage gas relief hospitals National Mail
– / – Hospitals for gas-hit on verge of closure National Mail
11/4/97 Red Cross to seek compensation from Bhopal Hospital Trust National Mail
7/5/97 Seminar on obstetric problems for gas hit held Madhya Pradesh. Chronicle
7/5/97 Seminar on MIC-related gynaec problems held National Mail
8/5/97 Bhopal victims face sterility The Telegraph, Calcutta
19/7/97 Fifty thousand Bhopalites left “permanently damaged” National Mail
29/7/97 One-third JP Nagar residents suffer from eye problems National Mail
29/7/97 Patients in pathetic condition National Mail
29/7/97 Protest against delay in starting hospital National Mail
1/8/97 2 days medicines left in gas relief hospitals National Mail
8/9/97 Hospitals for gas victims ailing, need medicines National Mail
11/9/97 Parliamentary panel inspects gas relief hospitals National Mail
17/9/97 Seminar on Ayurvedic treatment of diseases caused by Carbide’s gas National Mail
22/9/97 Ayurvedic treatment may give relief to gas afflictedexperts National Mail 
24/9/97 Engg, medical college proposed at Bhopal under gas relief dept National Mail
26/9/97 Govt statement misleading, say gas relief advisory-body members National Mail
28/9/97 Gas victims demonstrate, CM assures early action National Mail
29/9/97 Autonomous body to monitor medical-rehabilitation of gas hit National Mail
1/10/97 Ayurvedic medicine for gas hit National Mail
2/10/97 Govt, Australian system to set up hospital of global standard National Mail
9/10/97 “Putting up incinerators in hospitals hazardous” Free Press
15/10/97 Health-care in MP on verge of collapse! National Mail
18/10/97 City to have AIIMS like hospital National Mail
18/10/97 Camp for Asthma, MIC affected patients ends National Mail
18/10/97 MIC and Bhopal Tragedy, 1984 National Mail
19/10/97 Rs 60-crore hospital for Bhopal victims Pioneer, Delhi
24/10/97 Gas NGOs move rights panel for medicines National Mail
27/10/97 PWC of JP Hospital utilizes funds wisely National Mail
27/10/97 MPHRC help sought for gas leak survivors Pioneer, Delhi
6/11/97 Govt to appoint doctors in gas relief hospitals National Mail
18/11/97 Patients welfare panels in all gas relief hospitals National Mail
19/11/97 Indira Gandhi hospital’s inauguration postponed National Mail
21/11/97 Gas victims form human chain National Mail
3/12/97 4000 gas-hit patients visit hospitals daily National Mail
4/12/97 Bhopal marks “holocaust” The Pioneer, Delhi
4/12/97 Only two months medicine in govt hospitals: Govt National Mail
20/12/97 Health camp for gas victims from Dec 20 National Mail
29/12/97 UCC makes false propaganda about poisonous effects of MIC National Mail


11/2/98 Gynae disorders show in Bhopal victims The Tribune, Chandigarh
13/2/98 Gas victims, destitutes demonstrate at CM’s house National Mail
24/4/98 Gas patients to get treatment at JLN hospital National Mail
26/4/98 Sambhavna clinic’s health camp ends National Mail
6/5/98 Central team visits Bhopal Hospital Trust National Mail
9/5/98 CM visits hospital to see mishap victims National Mail
10/5/98 Bhopal Hospital Trust case to reopen on July 20 Pioneer, Delhi
9/6/98 Govt trying to hush up bungling in drug purchase National Mail
18/6/98 Cancer hospital fails at diagnosis Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
22/7/98 Human Rights panel members visit gas relief hospitals National Mail
6/9/98 Meeting of Bhopal Memorial Hospital trust held National Mail
10/9/98 Bid to wind up relief initiative in Bhopal The Hindu
20/9/98 Annual day of Sambhavna clinic today National Mail
1/10/98 Hazardous drug prescription is common Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
5/10/98 Gas victims stage demonstration at IG Hospital National Mail
7/10/98 Stress on awareness about rational drug use National Mail
7/10/98 Medicine distributed to MIC victims National Mail
28/11/98 3,000 Bhopal gas victims to take out rally on Nov. 30 The Hindu
5/12/98 Bhopal gas victims stage demonstration The Hindu
12/12/98 Arif takes initiative to set up mental hospital National Mail


8/1/99 The Living Death Times of India
14/1/99 4 Red Cross hospitals to be handed over to Bhopal Medical Trust National Mail
20/1/99 Living Death Times of India
13/3/99 Entire Bhopal was affected by MIC: Dr Bhatnagar today National Mail
2/5/99 High quality medicines to be provided to gas victims Mail News Service
16/5/99 Gas victims protest mismanagement in gas relief hospitals National Mail
18/5/99 Gas victims running from pillar to post for treatment National Mail
25/5/99 Aqueel inspects gas relief hospitals National Mail
30/5/99 Magazine claims Bhopal gas victims biologically affected The Hindustan Times
31/5/99 Gas-affected women suffering form gynec problems Free Press
1/6/99 Storm in Bhopal over ad on gas-hit girls The Times of India
7/6/99 Arif Aqueel visits gas relief hospitals National Mail
14/6/99 JLN cancer hospital stops admission of more gas victims National Mail
26/7/99 JD activists to stage dharna in support of gas victims National Mail
28/7/99 Plea for treatment to gas affected cancer patients National Mail
3/9/99 “Sambhavna” must rise to the challenge: Behar Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
9/9/99 Attention drawn towards woes of cancer patients National Mail
30/10/99 Medico legal aspects of Bhopal aerosol tragedy 1984 National Mail
2/11/99 Gas relief employees allege harassment Chronicle
2/12/99 Long-term effect of gas tragedy highlighted National Mail
2/12/99 Legacy of gas disaster National Mail
2/12/99 Govt committed to cause of gas-hit: Arif Aqueel Chronicle
3/12/99 Programmes, rally to mark anniversary functions Free Press
3/12/99 Trauma of gas victims not yet over Chronicle
3/12/99 Night when City turned into gas chamber remembered National Mail
3/12/99 Survivors plead again for long-pending demands Central Chronicle
3/12/99 On XVth anniversary of UCIL holocaust Bhopal to remember victims National Mail
3/12/99 Gas victims condition from bad to worse National Mail
4/12/99 Health problem continue to plague gas leak victims The Hindu
4/12/99 Bhopal victims mark ’84 tragedy with protest rallies The Asian Age
10/12/99 Gas victims demonstrate Chronicle
11/12/99 Suffering increases with time for Bhopal mishap survivors Times of India


15/1/00 Kamla Nehru Gas Hospital opens Chronicle
5/3/00 High use of addictive, doubtful drugs at Carbide hospital Chronicle
29/4/00 Bhopal gas leak victims drink toxic water The Hindu, Delhi
29/5/00 Handpump water plays havoc on Islam Nagar residents National Mail
9/6/00 Medical authorities accused of misusing gas victims’ funds National Mail
24/6/00 Hamidia gasps for ventilators Hindustan Times
26/6/00 Gas hospital in pathetic state Hindustan Times
8/7/00 Pvt hospitals: Prices are a rave but the treatment is not Hindustan Times
15/7/00 Gas relief doctors kept busy by their own clinics Hindustan Times
6/8/00 Inhuman condition at hospitals annoys MPHRC team National Mail
12/8/00 Make Bhopal Memorial Hospital accounts public: Jabbar Central Chronicle 
30/8/00 CM visits Bhopal Trust Hospital National Mail
1/10/00 Hard times ahead for Bhopal gas victims The Hindu, Delhi
10/11/00 City hospitals hazardous, waste disposal pathetic Chronicle
12/11/00 Doctors never visit hospitals on holidays Central Chronicle
13/11/00 New hospitals at the cost of existing ones Chronicle
30/11/00 Medical camps for gas-hit Chronicle
1/12/00 Despite huge spending, gas victims woes continue Chronicle
2/12/00 Specialist medicare for Bhopal gas victims The Hindu
2/12/00 Miseries of gas survivors continue Chronicle
4/12/00 People still suffering from aftermath of Bhopal gas disaster Free Press


24/1/01 Lapierre to inaugurate clinic for gas victims on Jan 26 The Hitvad Jabalpur
25/1/01 Lapierre to open Sambhavna clinic for women The Hindustan Times
23/2/01 Special eye camp for gas victims begins Chronicle
3/3/01 17 years on, Bhopal victims await justice Mid-Day, Mumbai
2/5/01 Gas victims face untold miseries Central Chronicle
3/5/01 Hamidia hospital has cheapest budget Central Chronicle
6/6/01 Victims denied treatment at Bhopal Trust Hospital: Jabbar The Hindustan Times
6/6/01 1984 gas tragedy victims being ignored The Times of India
6/6/01 Basic medical facilities not being provided at hospital Free Press
6/6/01 BMTH ignoring gas victims Chronicle
22/6/01 BMHRC can’t treat all gas victims Hindustan Times
24/6/01 Hospital denies neglect of gas tragedy victims The Times of India
10/7/01 Gas victims stage demo against hospital staff Hindustan Times
10/7/01 Gas victims protest against BMHT Chronicle
16/7/01 BMH should treat patients referred by Gas Relief DeptChronicle
8/8/01 Exposure to polluted water cause skin ailments Chronicle
9/8/01 Skin diseases due to polluted water Chronicle
11/8/01 Fraud alleged in Bhopal hospital construction The Hindu
13/9/01 Bhopal Memorial Hospital failed gas victims Hindustan Times
25/9/01 29 doctors shifted to Gas Relief dept Central Chronicle
11/10/01 24,000 gas-hit admitted to relief hospital annually Hindustan Times
26/11/01 Gas victims drinking highly contaminated water Central Chronicle
27/11/01 Kids, youths worst sufferers of gas disaster Central Chronicle
27/11/01 Bhopal gas tragedy victims continue to suffer in silence The Times of India
2/12/01 Gas victims continue to suffer Madhya Pradesh Chronicle
3/12/01 Industrial disaster victims still battle health effects Central Chronicle
3/12/01 Gas victims continue to suffer Central Chronicle
3/12/01 Endless woes haunt gas victims Central Chronicle
3/12/01 The continuing medical disaster in Bhopal The Hindu
4/12/01 Water around Carbide plant still toxic The Times of India
4/12/01 First killer gas, now poison water haunts Bhopal victims The Times of India
4/12/01 The continuing medical disaster in Bhopal The Hindu
6/12/01 High incidence of diseases in gas-hit areas of Bhopal Deccan Herald
26/12/01 Bhopal gas victims to get free medicare Indian Express


9/2/02 Gas tragedy continues to haunt Bhopal Free Press Journal
17/2/02 The tragedy continues The Tribune
1/7/02 Bhopal victims gassed forever Hindustan Times
10/7/02 Bhopal gas survivors still struggling Press Trust of India
10/7/02 Bhopal gas victims: No end to woes Free Press Journal
10/7/02 No end to Bhopal gas victims woes Lokmat Times, Nagpur
27/11/02 Bhopal gas victims to get all possible help Central Chronicle
2/12/02 Central govt in dilemma over Bhopal Trust Hospital Central Chronicle


31/1/03 Make public ICMR studies on gas victims, demand docs Hindustan Times
31/1/03 MIC is carcinogenic Central Chronicle
31/1/03 Continuing health problems of gas victims a matter of concern Free Press
20/2/03 MIC anti-dote developed after gas disaster Central Chronicle
10/10/03 UC health impact not documented: Sarangi Central Chronicle
11/10/03 Male kids born of MIC-exposed parents show stunted growth Hindustan Times
11/10/03 Growth retardation in male child, reports study Free Press
3/12/03 Victims still battle health ill-effects News Express


11/1/04 Govt failed on medical rehab of gas victims Hindustan Times
8/3/04 Govt can’t grab gas victims’ rights News Express
9/3/04 Women gas victims hold demo at Indira Gandhi Hospital Hindustan Times
9/3/04 Gas-hit women stage protest over gross negligence Central Chronicle
9/3/04 Women demand justice for gas victims News Express
16/3/04 Gas survivors stage dharna Central Chronicle
18/04/04 Gas-hit women demand safe water Central Chronicle
10/5/04 Supply clean water in Carbide leak area: SC Hindustan Times
17/5/04 Jabbar alleges denial of treatment to gas victims Hindustan Times
29/5/04 Gaur inspects hospitals Hindustan Times
29/5/04 Gaur inspects Gas Relief hospitals Central Chronicle
2/6/04 Govt willfully denying safe water to 25 localities Hindustan Times
3/7/04 New Bhopal poison: mercury in the breast Tehelka, The People’s Paper
20/7/04 SC order on clean water ignored: Gas victims Hindustan Times
20/7/04 Gas victims’ battle over polluted water continues The Pioneer
21/7/04 Gas victims demand Kolar water Central Chronicle
21/9/04 Lecture on cancer tomorrow Central Chronicle
23/9/04 Stress on studying prevalence of cancer among gas victims Hindustan Times
22/9/04 Conference on Cancer Day held Central Chronicle
23/9/04 Lecture on “cancer caused by chemicals” Free Press
23/9/04 Stress on studying prevalence of cancer among gas victims Hindustan Times
14/10/04 BMHT request for funds leaves gas victims fuming The Pioneer
14/10/04 Children “use brush” on water contamination The Pioneer
14/10/04 Mismanagement displeases Gaur Central Chronicle
15/10/04 Irregularities in hospital Central Chronicle
30/11/04 Swedish doctor releases book on Bhopal gas tragedy Hindustan Times
30/11/04 Amnesty wants Bhopal studies made public Indian Express
2/12/04 Govt gives special attention for medical facilities to gas victims Free Press
4/12/04 Medical report is out 20 years after Bhopal Times of India

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