Possible questions for Parliament

Legal case
1.What steps have been taken to produce representatives of UCC and UCE in Bhopal CJM’s court?

2.What steps have been taken to vacate the MP High Court’s stay (17th March 2005) on summoning The Dow Chemical Company (TDCC) to produce Union Carbide Corporation, US in Bhopal CJM’s court?

3.What steps have been taken to ensure that Government of India intervenes in the ongoing litigation in the US Federal Court against Warren Anderson and Union Carbide Corporation in the matter of environmental contamination?

Dow-Carbide business

3.Is the Minister aware that UNIPOL technology which it approved for Reliance is a Union Carbide technology?

4.What was the basis of approving Carbide’s Unipol Technology for Reliance?


1. Provide records of all calls made and received by Prime Minister’s office and by the Prime Minister, related to Bhopal gas leak, on 7th December 1984

2. Please provide details of the offer made by European Union to assist with assessment of contamination of the Bhopal. What has been the response of the GOI to the offer?

Compensation/Medical care

1. Why has the enhanced compensation announced by the Group of Ministers left out over 92% of the victims who have been exposed to Union Carbide’s toxic gases? Why did the GOM use flawed system of damage assessment to make its decision on enhanced compensation?

2. What steps are being taken to review the death claims for which compensation was wrongfully denied (SINCE WHEN?)

3. What steps are being taken to include exposure related deaths after 1997?

4. Why has the present GOM not recommended setting up of the Empowered Commission on Bhopal despite June 2008 recommendation of the then GOM?

5. What steps are being taken to provide free medical care to people exposed to contaminated water at hospitals meant for survivors of the gas disaster.

Bhopal Memorial Hospital Research Centre

1. How many patients were enrolled in the clinical trials which were conducted in BMHRC?

2. How many of these patients were gas victims?

3. How many patients died during these trials? Their particulars – names and addresses.

4. How many patients had serious life-threatening adverse events during these trials?

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