2013 Mission Statement

ICJB-NA Advisory Board

Mission Statement 2013

The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, North America (ICJB-NA) is the North American branch of an international solidarity network of students, professionals, and activists (environmental, social justice, human rights and more) that was set up to address the grave injustices suffered by half a million Bhopalis. Using education, grassroots organizing, and non-violent direct action, ICJB-NA works to hold Dow Chemical and the Indian Government accountable for the ongoing chemical disaster in Bhopal. Through empowering and advising campaigners in this worldwide movement, ICJB-NA strives to further the Bhopalis’ demands for justice, appropriate monetary compensation, and remediation of the abandoned factory site.

Our Vision

  • The ICJB North American Advisory Board (AB) stands by the campaign slogan, “We all live in Bhopal”. By this, we mean that, in a world in which corporations operate with impunity, the chemical tragedy that happened in Bhopal could happen, and in fact is happening, even in our own communities and work-places. The AB strives to educate the world of this fact by carrying the story of Bhopal and its survivors into the global consciousness, in an effort to inspire action and change.

  • The AB is responsible to two communities: The Survivors themselves of the continuing Bhopal Disaster in India, and the community of activists in North America (NA) working for justice on behalf of those Survivors.

  • The AB creates and implements campaign strategies and actions throughout NA designed to further the demands and goals of the Survivors. These two main goals are:

    1. Remediation of environmental damage caused by the abandoned factory.

    2. Adequate monetary compensation and medical care for the victims of the disaster, including second and third generation children born with contamination-related congenital birth defects.

The AB seeks to bring about these goals by putting pressure on Dow Chemical and the Indian

Government, the entities liable for the disaster as well as for monetary compensation and

environmental remediation.  

  • The AB uses a variety of methods to achieve its goals, including non-violent direct action, media outreach and education.

  • The AB fundraises in an effort to provide resources not only for Survivors, but also for North American supporters of the Survivors who wish to take action in their own communities and universities

  • The AB works in solidarity with other communities affected by Dow Chemical and other incidences of gross corporate negligence.

  • AB campaigns to increase corporate accountability in North America and abroad through public awareness of the Bhopal disaster.

  • The AB fights for a toxic-free future for all.

We all live in Bhopal.


The AB is currently comprised of 8 volunteers representing activists across NA. Volunteer AB Members serve 1-year terms and are vetted and approved by ICJB leaders around the world. The AB is fortunate to be a diverse, dedicated and passionate group of people. Our commitment to transparency and equality in decision-making helps us function sustainably. Having direct lines of accountability to Bhopal survivors is key to our success. To communicate with our supporters, we use email, regular e-newsletters, and social media. Currently our email list includes 5,000 supporters. Our annual N.A. conference creates a crucial face-to-face engagement opportunity. Please click here to join our mailing list!

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