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We need you to take action this Dec 3rd!

Grassroots activism empowers people to take collective action on their own behalf.  The key is to make people aware of their own power and to encourage them to work together to create positive change. While we do not have the financial resources to combat destructive corporations, we do have something even more powerful: the power of the people united for a common goal. With that, we can create corporate change. The victories talked about in the Background section are great examples of this. The 25th Anniversary is the perfect opportunity to make a statement, showing that we are still fighting strongly for the issue, by taking action on December 3, 2009 or a day near then.

Photo of the 20th Anniversary rally in Bhopal


ICJB’s Campaign goals for the 25th Anniversary are:

  • et Union Carbide to show up in court
  • Get empowered commission implemented
  • Water pipelines completed
  • Get clean up started

Our organizing goals/strategies to achieve these goals are:

  • Bring more awareness and attention to the issue – Local and national media coverage will pressure Dow to send their subsidiary, Union Carbide to court.
  • Bring more people into the movement – we hope to reach new groups and individuals to take action for Day of Action and help local groups get more people to the actions and events.
  • Coalition Building- the anniversary is an opportunity to strengthen partnerships with international/national allies; and help local groups use the anniversary to build local environmental justice coalitions.

The action that you plan is an important part of this international strategy!  Thank you for joining us!

We’re asking that people consider first organizing a die-in with an activist group or group of friends.  Please see the “How to organize a Die-In” document in this toolkit for more information about that.  If you’re unable to organize a Die-In, check out the “Other Action Ideas” for many other action ideas!


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