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The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal’s goals for the 25th Anniversary are:

  • Get Union Carbide to show up in court
  • Get empowered commission implemented
  • Water pipelines completed
  • Get clean up started

ICJB believes that Dow Chemical, the Indian Government, the Government of Madhya Pradesh, and the United States Government all have responsibilities towards creating justice in Bhopal.

The Dow Chemical Corporation Must:

  1. FACE TRIAL: Ensure that Union Carbide and Warren Anderson present themselves in the Indian courts, and cease to abscond from the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court in Bhopal.
  2. CLEAN UP THE POISON: Clean up toxic wastes and contaminated groundwater in and around the Union Carbide factory site. Provide safe water to the community, and just compensation for those who have been injured or made ill by this contamination and/or have had their property damaged.

The Indian Government Must:

  1. SET UP AN EMPOWERED COMMISSION on Bhopal to deal with the social, economic, medical, and environmental issues that still plague the people of Bhopal.
  2. BRING ANDERSON AND UNION CARBIDE TO COURT: Take immediate steps to send an amended request for extradition of Warren Anderson and for extradition of the authorized representative of the Union Carbide Corporation.
  3. BEGIN CLEAN UP: Clean up cannot wait; the government must start the process, and ensure Dow’s liability for on-site and off-site cleanup and payment of compensation for damage to health and property.
  4. BLACKLIST DOW AND UNION CARBIDE for purchases by government departments.
  5. Declare December 3rd as a National Day of Mourning for the victims of industrial disasters. The disaster in Bhopal must be made part of textbooks in school and university education in the country.

The State Government of Madhya Pradesh Must:

  1. CLEAN WATER: Finish construction of the clean water pipeline to provide water to ALL of the people affected by the spreading contaminated water.
  2. ENSURE CARE: Ensure free treatment of patients from communities affected by ground water contamination and persons born to exposed parents in gas relief hospitals.

The United States Government Must:

Send Warren Anderson and authorized representatives of Union Carbide to stand trial in Indian court.

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