400 Academics Sign Bhopal Petition

Over 400 faculty members and academics at colleges and universities all over the world have signed the Faculty Petition for Justice in Bhopal (online at www.petitiononline.com/dirtydow/). In signing the petition, David Gordon White, a Religious Studies Professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, writes

“I was in Bhopal in 1999. The scars of the industrial disaster are still apparent, with people dying of complications, in the streets, to this day.”

Michele Katzler of the Geography Department at London Metropolitan writes,

“I hope that as a UK citizen my sig. can be counted; having been only 14 when the disaster happened I never understood until today what a terrible crime occurred. This must be put right.”

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Ashley Krenzke, an impassioned student, writes,

“I’m taking a class at school right now and it sucks so bad. They feed us all this crap like if you smoke you will die… and that’s all. And I hate it! When I say what about Dow and genetics they just ignore me or say “Listen… I’m just doing my job kid.” Like that’s what I wanted to hear. I sign….”

Nancy McCagney, Ph. D., a Visiting Scholar with the Religious Studies Department at the University of California, writes

“I was one of the students protesting your company at the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1963. And I protest your immorality in refusing to take responsibility for your actions in Bhopal India. Swallow your shame and get busy cleaning up the toxins you released into the Bhopal environment. This is the world you and your children and grandchildren live in too. The pollution in Bhopal will not recognize national boundaries but continue to circulate around the globe in decreasing but toxic concentrations forever…your grandchildren will get the cancers your chemicals have caused unless you act responsibly and quickly.”

Kerry Hartwig of the University of Manitoba puts things more directly:

“Dow is going dow…….n!”

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