"A show of solidarity"

Not many of us can run a marathon. A grueling sport of physical endurance, marathon runners are expected to cover a distance of 26.2 miles – a distance so long that merely finishing the race is considered impressive. Yet last week Somu Kumar, a volunteer with the Association for India’s Development, not only completed the Marine Corps Marathon; he raised nearly $1700 for the Sambhavna Clinic while doing so. Part of an AID program called “Run for India,” Somu collected per-mile donations from friends, family, and supporters for a charity of his choice, and he chose Sambhavna.
Somu writes, “My marathon run is a show of solidarity for the Bhopalis in their just demands. My pledge is to support more of Sambhavana’s work and help them reach out their medical services to poorest of the poor and needy Bhopalis.” Somu dedicated his marathon run to Sunil Kumar Verma, a gas survivor and longtime Bhopal activist who recently took his own life.
SomuKumar-Marathon 2006.JPG
The money Somu raised will go a long way in Bhopal. It is enough to pay the salaries of three community health workers for more than six months. Even small donations can go a long way in Bhopal. If you’re interested in donating yourself, you can do so here.
And many warm thanks and big Bhopali hugs to Somu Kumar for his support!

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