Aamir Khan refuses to apologise for Narmada remarks

Aamir Khan’s new film Fanaa will be restricted in Gujarat. At the same time, a retrospective of MF Husain’s paintings organized by Asia House in London, has been wound up after two of the paintings were vandalized.
The organization objecting to Husain is called Hindu Human Rights. The protests were about two paintings called Durga and Draupadi, goddesses in the ‘nude’.
“We are glad Aamir Khan did not backtrack and apologise. He is well within his rights to take a stand on Narmada… (which) pertains to his freedom of speech and expression,” PUCL president K G Kannabiran said.
“The rowdy behaviour of some people tearing down the hoardings of the film obviously has the sanction of the Gujarat government. The law enforcing forces of the state appear to have been trained to watch without preventing such unruly behaviour,” he alleged.
Referring to BJP spokesman Prakash Javadekar remarks that Khan was a film star but he was speaking like a politician, the CPI said “everybody knows how the BJP drags scores of actors to its political platform during election presumably these actors know everything”.
The veteran actor-turned-politician felt that the film fraternity when expressing their stand on any issue, should do it only after a thorough revision of the matter.
“I appreciate Shabana Azmi .. she is a real activist .. she will always study the matter and then only react to it,” he added.

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