Join the International Day of Action – Aug 24

Join the International Childrens Day of Action for Justice in Bhopal on August 24, 2010.

Children of all ages are encouraged to join the August 24 Day of Action in solidarity with the demands of the Bhopal Gas Disaster survivors.

There is an old Indian proverb that says that when you lie a crow will bite you. Join us in making origami crows to send to the Indian consulate to remind them of the promises they’ve made to the Bhopal Survivors – specifically to establish an Empowered Commission!

Learn more and sign up here.

Indefinite Protest Reignites in Delhi

Currently, about 150 activists are braving the monsoon season in Delhi to demand compensation, medical care, legal action, and site remediation. Hundreds more are expected to join the dharna, representing 7 survivor organizations. Latest news and updates can be found here.

Several Bhopal activists, led by Garima Gupta and Kaveri Rajaraman, will be writing and taking pictures throughout. These latest blog updates will appear here.


Grassroots Activism and Direct Action are the keystones of the Struggle for Justice in Bhopal! This section has a lot of tools and ideas for you to take action and join the campaign!

Thank you for a Massive Response to the 25th Anniversary Day of Action!

With your help, we brought Bhopal to the forefront of your local community, among your friends and in the media.


Dump Your Dow!

Dow has refused to send their subsidiary to court for charges of culpable homicide in Bhopal.  Until Dow stops harboring a fugitive and cleans up Bhopal, it’s time for you to DUMP YOUR DOW! The Dump Your Dow campaign is encouraging people to dump Dow from their portfolios, shelves, and organizations. Learn more about this action here.


There are other other ways you can take action! Check out the ideas in this section.

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