Amnesty slams Dow

Amnesty International today released its report, “Clouds of Injustice” and called on Dow Chemical Company to ensure that Union Carbide Corporation
• effectively and promptly decontaminates the Bhopal factory site, cleans up the groundwater and removes the stockpiles of toxic and hazardous substances left by the company when they abandoned the site;
• cooperates fully with those who are assessing the long-term health consequences of the gas leak and of the hazardous and toxic substances left on site since 1984;
• promptly makes public all information it has on all reaction products released on the day of the gas leak and full information regarding their toxicity and impact on people and the environment;
• appears before the Bhopal Court in the criminal case.

Amnesty International also calls on Dow Chemical Company to:
• provide promptly full reparations, restitution, compensation and rehabilitation for the continuing damage done to people’s health and the environment by the ongoing contamination of the site.

While rightly critical of the the Indian government’s lack of respect for, and lack of will to protect the lives, rights and health of its own poorest citizens, the report sinks a bloody great torpedo into the bowels of Dow.

Download it here.

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