Andrew David Simpson Walks for Bhopal

Andrew David Simpson treks across India for Bhopal

The activist embarks on a 1,500 mile journey by foot in support of the Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal, a clinic mostly run by survivors that provides free care to those affected by the 1984 gas disaster.

Beginning November 1, Andrew (also known as “Bones) will walk from Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) to Puni (Orrisa). He writes:

“I walk because I believe it is the most intimate way to interact with and explore a new environment. You see things and meet people that you never would if traveling by train, bus, car, or even bicycle. When you use transportation besides your feet, the world runs on your schedule. When you walk, you are forced to abide by the schedule of the world. You don’t choose where you sleep, who you will meet, or the obstacles you will encounter. And rest assured you will encounter many, but this is at the center of what makes walking, especially long walks, so rewarding and fulfilling.  Unpredictability is the heart of true adventure.

Andrew hikes the Everest base camp, 2009

I find I can justify most of my walking through the simple fact that I find walking life to be a better life. On the India walk, however, there’s another reason why I’m traveling on foot: to raise money for theSambhavna Clinic, which provides free medical care to the victims and children of the Bhopal gas leak, the single largest industrial disaster of all time.”

Read more about Andrew’s adventure with a purpose, and support his cause, The Sambhavna Clinic, here.

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