Angry tribals ‘declare’ Bhopal a national park

Hindustan Times, Itarsi, December 5, 2006
HUNDREDS OF tribals fighting for ‘Jal, Jangal and Zameen’, today passed a unique resolution to declare Bhopal a national park and be included in Project Tiger. They even described Shyamla Hills surrounding Chief Minister’s residence a better place for tigers.
The local tribals and those who came from Maharashtra and Gujarat were protesting their displacement in the name of national parks and sanctuaries here on Tuesday.
They passed the resolution to declare Shyamla Hills area a national park in presence of educationist and scientist Dr Anil Sadgopal, Lok Shangharsh Morcha Maharashtra leaders Yamunabai and Pratibha Shinde and a social leader from Delhi Ambreesh Rai.
Tribal leader Tara Barkare said the government would feel the pain only when displacement by demolishing buildings and vacating farmhouses takes place in Bhopal.

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