ANGUS to exit "nitrofuel" racing nitromethane supply

The Dow Chemical Company, November 14, 2006
Buffalo Grove, IL – ANGUS Chemical Company, the leading manufacturer of nitromethane, will exit supply of all grades of its NITROFUEL™ brand racing nitromethane from all top fuel racing venues across the United States at the end of the 2006 season. This follows ANGUS’ exit of NITROFUEL supply from racing venues in other geographical areas effective January 1, 2006.
“Safety is paramount to the use of NITROFUEL racing nitromethane on the racing circuit both to driving teams and to spectators. While safe to use under controlled circumstances, the product must be stored and handled securely to prevent unwanted results,” said Mark Henning, president and CEO of ANGUS Chemical Company. “As a major nitromethane fuel supplier, the security measures we believe necessary to operate in a sustainable manner in the racing environment have not been to our satisfaction.”
ANGUS has taken a number of measures to improve safe use of NITROFUEL products in recent years including safety training for drivers, a safety manual and checklist, the introduction of a colorant in the fuel to indicate safe to use and the introduction of new product grades to meet the restrictions of maximum nitromethane content.
“While we have shown a commitment to the industry to maintain safe use, we have not been fully supported in our efforts,” continued Henning. “We are grateful to the racing drivers and teams who embraced our improved safe handling and use measures and were committed to the safe use of our NITROFUEL product. However, we have seen increased use of imported and unmonitored material and we do not believe that fuel usage is safely monitored at all times on the track. As such, and as product stewards for the long-term success of the nitromethane molecule, we will no longer support our product in this application.”
ANGUS will continue to be supportive on nitromethane sales into other key markets where the molecule is sold and used in de-sensitized levels. Nitromethane is used as a chemical intermediate in the manufacture of agricultural fumigants and pharmaceutical products. Hobby racing fuel for remote-controlled vehicles is also a key market; ANGUS fully supports the hobby racing fuels market for remote-controlled vehicles where formulations are sold at de-sensitized levels of 55 percent or less nitromethane.
Aligned as a market-focused, solutions-driven specialty chemicals business, ANGUS is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. ANGUS develops and delivers nitroalkane-based solutions to our customers for applications in latex paints, mineral slurries, metalworking fluids, water treatment, biological buffers, solvents and thinners, wood adhesives, pharmaceutical & agricultural intermediates, SBR latex shortstops, fuel additives and personal care and household products. Further information on ANGUS Chemical Company is available on the Internet at
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