Apex officials return to plant to combat chemical reaction

(Raleigh, NC-AP) October 18, 2006 – Officials say a small chemical reaction at the site of EQ Industrial Services in Apex has been contained.
It’s been nearly two weeks since a raging inferno at the same warehouse run by EQ forced thousands of people from their homes.
Wednesday’s incident sent a toxic plume into the air and emergency crews evacuated businesses near the plant. No injuries were reported.
Officials from the North Carolina Division of Waste Management say the reaction happened in a 55-gallon drum that contained sodium, which is a highly reactive metal that can combust when mixed with water.
Officials think the recent rain mixed with the residual waste caused the reaction. They also say there’s no sign of toxic materials in the air after the reaction.
Cleanup started Tuesday from the October 5th blaze that prompted town officials to ask thousands to evacuate.

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