Bajrang Dal vow to stop Valentine's Day celebrations in Bhopal

The Bajrang Dal’s proposed design for a new Indian flag, as exhibited on their official website.
BHOPAL. Monday, 13 February, 2006
The Bajrang Dal organisation, which describes its mission as to protect the honour and interests of Hindus “in any manner,” today ilstaged a vehicle rally in Bhopal vowing not to allow any Valentine Day celebrations and to frustrate the meeting of young hearts.
Hundreds of Bajrang Dal activists rode their bikes in procession while rending the air with slogans like “Bharatiya Sanskriti par Aakraman band karo” (Stop the attack on Indian culture).
The procession made its way through all the main thoroughfares of the city.
“We will oppose Valentine’s Day tooth and nail because the concept has come from the West and through it an attempt is being made to spoil Indian culture,” said Devendra Rawat, district convener, Bajrang Dal.
“Our teams will visit all hotels and restaurants and stop Valentine’s Day celebrations. The teams will also visit parks frequented by boys and girls and while the guys would be handed over to the police, the dames would be taken to their parents who would be warned not to allow their daughter to move around with their partners”, said Rawat.
Meanwhile, directions were issued for the deployment of police at hotels, restaurants and picnic spots across the state including the state capital in view of the warning issued by the Bajrang Dal and its allies.
SP Anant Kumar Singh told UNI that no one would be allowed to take law in his hands tomorrow. Around 500 police officers have been deployed at hotels, restaurants and other spots to maintain law and order.
Earlier in the morning, members of the Shiv Sena political party, which is ideologically allied to the Bajrang Dal, burnt the effigy of Saint Valentine and warned the boys and girls to keep away from any celebration of Valentine’s Day or face the consequences.
“We will do whatever possible to stop the Valentine’s Day celebrations, come what may”, said Shiv Sena leader Rajendra Gupta.
A week ago, Congress leader Jamuna Devi, after paying a visit to the Gospel Church of God where five Christians had been beaten up by men who gatecrashed a private prayer meeting, demanded that Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan “ban the RSS and Bajrang Dal”.
Senior leaders of the state Congress committee alleged the Sangh Parivar offshoots are behind violent attacks on minorities at several places in the state.
Based on S Sanjay’s piece on, and reports from UNI and

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