Be Responsible, Boycott IOC, Madras Bulls tell consumers

The Bulls set out on their 300km ride to Chennai
CHENNAI, 29 May, 2005: The Royal Enfield Bullet enthusiasts from Chennai, popularly known as “Madras Bulls” arrived at Chennai Press Club today as a part of a rally that began at Petroleum Minister’s constituency Mayiladuthurai, in support of the boycott of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) called by the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB). More than 15 motorcyclists arrived in Chennai with the mission of advertising for the boycott of IOC, which is planning to enter into business collaboration with Union Carbide. “We are appalled by Indian Oil’s proposal to do business with Carbide. It’s like rewarding a criminal accused of murder with a lucrative business deal. As motorists and consumers of Indian Oil products, we’ll encourage our other friends to boycott IOC till the company abandons this deal with Dow-Carbide,” said Jaychandran, a member of the Madras Bulls who led the rally.
The bulls get a warm welcome at SIPCOT Cuddalore
The rally was flagged off by Shahid Noor, a survivor from Bhopal who was orphaned during the disaster and A. G. Aranganathan, President Taluk Milk Distributors Association Mayiladuthurai. Yesterday Noor and the supporters of campaign participated in a protest march against Petroleum Minister Mani Shankar Aiyar in his constituency Mayiladuthurai. The local residents of Mayiladuthurai are disappointed with Aiyar over the proposed deal and have taken the task of spreading awareness and agitating against the minister until the deal is called off and Dow Chemicals is blacklisted. Full support has also been promised by Muslim and Dalit associations in Mayiladuthurai. Muslims and Dalits form the foundation of Aiyar’s vote bank.
Madras Bulls members at the press conference along with Shahid
En route, the rally halted at SIPCOT Industrial Estate in Cuddalore, where it was greeted by residents of the pollution-impacted community, FEDCOT, Pathiya Tamizhagam and members of SIPCOT Area Community Environmental Monitoring (SACEM), with coconut water and petitions to be delivered to IOC. “SIPCOT is a Bhopal in slow motion, we as residents understand the pain and suffering and extend our solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Bhopal. We call upon the government to blacklist Dow Chemicals and its subsidiaries and deliver justice to the Bhopal survivors,” added SACEM.
ICJB supporters will be meeting the General Manager of IOC in Chennai tomorrow to convey the message of boycott and give signed petitions in support of the boycott.
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