Bhopal Action Alert: Please call the Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh

Last month on the 27th Anniversary, Bhopal survivors during their peaceful ‘rail roko’ agitation were brutally beaten up, dragged and then detained illegally by the State Administration. Their fault was to call on the State Government to correct the historic wrong and present accurate figures on disaster related deaths and injuries before the Supreme Court that is due to hear Civil Curative Petition on compensation for Bhopal Gas Victims soon.

Faced with massive public condemnation, the Chief Minister met the survivors led organisations and promised an independent and impartial investigation into the matter.
However subsequently,
Ø 2000 gas survivors are indicted with false charges including that of murderous assault.
Ø 14 men, with no prior criminal record, have been in jail for last six weeks. Out of these, 8 men were not even present at the blockade.
Ø Women as old as 80 years, battling severe health problems, charged with participating in violence using swords and guns.

CALL Chief Minister & Demand Independent Inquiry
Release those detained & Drop Charges against All the Gas Victims until inquiry is finished
Ø S.K.Mishra (Officer on Special Duty to Chief Minister): 91-9425185550
Ø Deepak Khandekar (PS to Chief Minister) 91-9981306364 or 91-755-2441314

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