Bhopal Anniversary Picketing Dow Office in NYC

On Dec 3, 2009 about 45 kids, wielding hundreds of paper hearts went
to the Dow office in NYC and demanded to speak to someone from Dow.
Their message: “Since you don’t have the heart to do what is right for
the people of Bhopal, we’ve brought our hearts to you. With them, you
can decide to clean up the mess you created and give just compensation
to the victims who have lost nearly everything.”

It turned out that the Dow office had been closed all day, most probably
because it was the 25th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster and they were
expecting something. They could never have imagined this group though!

The kids made quite a noise outside of 1411 Broadway and the crowd grew
larger with media and passersby.
Gautama and some others sneaked into the building
through the back door, went up to Dow’s office on the 29th floor, and
slipped some sheets of hearts under the door, and pasted hearts on the
door to the office.

The chanting and speech-making was covered by CNN India and NDTV.
Akash was also on BBC worldwide right before the protest.

A huge thanks to all the kids who left school early to make this event

Aquene led a moving candlelight vigil after the rally was over.

Proud of the kids, and hopeful for the future,
Stephan and Suni

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